Simple Fall Decor in the Foyer (with Sunflowers)

As we head into October, I am slowly pulling out my fall accessories.  Overall, I don’t go too crazy with fall decorating but I do like to acknowledge the season a bit.  Today, I’m sharing my simple fall decor with sunflowers!

Simple Fall Decor in the Foyer (with Sunflowers):

When decorating my foyer table, I like to keep it simple.  No need to overflow the space with clutter when I’ll just have to pack it all away once Christmas arrives…

Fall Foyer Table

Too bad it is cloudy today, because the afternoon sun usually brightens this area up.  Though, I guess the lamp helps…and also gives a cozy autumn vibe.

Basket of sunflowers

Since sunflowers are in season, I wanted to use some on the table.  Obviously, these sunflowers are artificial but when I found this flower arrangement at Michael’s, I decided to go faux.

Black candlesticks with orange candles will take us right into Halloween.  The candlesticks are from Pier One and I have several sets around the house.  As one of my decorating staples, they go so well with everything!

And of course, they go with a spider!  Today, my 5 year old picked this out while we were shopping at Michael’s.  Why not let the kids be involved in the decorating?

Simple fall decor with sunflowers

Since I get to enjoy the flowers, they get to enjoy the spider…something for everyone!

simple fall decor in the foyer

But we all get to enjoy the scented candles.  With the pumpkin spiced scents, they really do add to the fall feel in here.

You might recall, this is what my foyer usually looks like:
foyer table and staircase

Obviously, it feels a lot more festive now that I have decorated with my simple fall decor…and sunflowers!

Simple fall decor in the foyer

Now that I look at this photo, I notice that even the table legs kind of remind me of spider legs…  It’s almost like I planned it that way for Halloween!

As we get closer to Halloween, I’ll add some pumpkins and maybe a skull or two.  After all, this is what the “trick or treaters” see when they come by!  Obviously, they could care less about my simple fall decor.  They just want the candy!

While you are here, be sure to check out some pumpkin inspiration! 

And if you want to see more simple fall decor with sunflowers, read these:

Does your fall decor include sunflowers?


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Simple fall foyer table decor with sunflowers

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  1. Very pretty. Please tell your son how scary the spider is, lol. No, I haven't, and don't intend to decorate the foyer. I think I have done all that I am going to do. The more that is out, the more I will have to put up when it comes time to decorate for Christmas.

  2. I love your foyer table dressed up in fall colors… the candles look so pretty against the black of the candle holders. Lovely console table! Thanks for the inspiration! Visiting from Marty's TTT. Have a wonderful evening!~Poppyhttp://withadashofcolor.blogspot.com/

  3. Your foyer is really pretty with the fall candles and floral arrangement. I did have mine foyer chest arranged, and then decided to change it. Now I don't have anything except a candle on it,so I'd better get busy and find something else to put on the chest. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Fall is definitely here! Your foyer looks great…..it's just right. I love a subtle seasonal decor. Stop by for a blog visit, I'm your newest follower.

  5. Ha! Aren't sons lovely?! I have two and they'd LOVE this spider!!I really like all the little tweaks you've added to make this look so autumnal. Gorgeous!Thank you so much for linking to Modern Country Style's Fall In Love party.Sarahx

  6. Your entry area is lovely and that table and mirror are so pretty. I really love that lamp you have, I am on the quest for a couple new lamps and this one is fabulous. The candles and the beautiful basket of flowers are just perfect for the fall season. Love that spider also. Beautiful and such a welcoming entry. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

  7. Your foyer is gorgeous! The candles sticks are very pretty. Love the fall candles! That floral arrangement is my favorite with all the sunflowers!

  8. Very pretty! I think the iron accents on tables, etc. look particularly nice with the decor this time of year.

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