My Favorites of 2017

Every year I like to share some of my favorite posts.  Although, these weren’t necessarily the most popular posts of the year, they are a handful of ones I liked for one reason or another.  (You can find the most popular recap here – 10 Most Popular Posts of 2017).

Here are some of my favorites for the year…

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My Favorite Tablesetting of 2017

Favorite Tablescape

Thanksgiving Table Setting with White Pumpkins

I don’t think I will every get tired of white pumpkins in the fall!  Each year I try to use them in a different way and this year I went with a neutral vibe.

My Favorite Vignette of 2017

Favorite Vignette

Simple Fall Vignette and a Couple Pillow Options

Although I always like the idea of using neutrals for fall, I usually end up adding color eventually!

My Favorite Outdoor Post of 2017

Favorite Outdoor Post - Martha's Vineyard

Island Living – Beautiful Homes of Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard

Like many of you who have been there, I fell in love with Martha’s Vineyard last spring.  Hopefully, my photos were able to capture the feeling of walking through this charming coastal town!  I am not surprised that this post was also one of the most popular posts for the year.

While we are talking about beautiful places…

My Favorite Family Vacation of 2017

Favorite Family Vacation - Grand Cayman

Why Do Vacations Have to End? – Beautiful Grand Cayman

Even though we have been to Grand Cayman many times, we always find more things to love about the island…and you cannot beat that beach!

Since I also enjoyed sharing the places you have been…

My Favorite Recap from the Take Me Away Travel Link Parties in 2017

Favorite Travel Link Party Recap

Take Me Away Recap – November 2017

Take Me Away Recap – June 2017

Well, actually it was too difficult to pick one favorite Take Me Away recap!  I ended up choosing these two months because of the variety of beautiful places along with some inspiring stories to go along with them!

My Favorite Recipe Post from 2017

Favorite Recipe of the year

White Chocolate Silk Pie – (aka Ski Bum Pie)

Not only was this recipe a huge hit with my family, but I enjoyed sharing the story with you!

And since it’s always fun to take a look back, here are some links to my favorite posts from previous years!

I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by.  As always, I appreciate your friendship and support throughout the year!

Best wishes for a wonderful 2018!

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  1. Shelley, great recap of favorites! You always make me want to pack my bags and go somewhere. For our 30th anniversary, my hubby and I are going to see the Redwoods in California. Have you done that?

    1. Thank you, Stacey! Happy anniversary – how wonderful to spend it seeing the Redwoods! I have never done that but have always been fascinated by them!

  2. I love favorites post, Shelley! How surprised I was that you chose our trip to Aspen as one of your favorites! The mountain climbing was fabulous! I still may link up to January’s party, I have to check to see what I have linked before so I don’t repeat! I can’t seem to get myself going this month! I enjoyed seeing your favorites and I remember each post! Do you have exciting travel plans this year?

    1. Thanks, Pam! Not only did I love your mountain climbing adventures but I really enjoyed learning about the John Denver Sanctuary. After reading your story, I kept thinking about what a unique and special experience that must have been for you! We are planning a trip to Hawaii for our anniversary this year…but the kids are joining us this time! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Shelley I really like that you shared YOUR favorite posts–rather than the readers, it's so interesting to see what posts speak to the blogger after all is said and done. I've read everyone of these posts and I can see why they're some of your favorite. The white pumpkin table setting is a classic. Also thanks for your recent comment on sectionals, I'm not surprised you guys have one too. With two boys and a dog they can be such a cozy place for everyone to hang out.hugsLeslie

    1. Thanks, Leslie! I also shared the reader favorites in previous post. I do enjoying sharing my favorites because I enjoy looking back at great memories from the year. And yes, the sectional works well with those boys (and makes it easier for me to steal a snuggle from them now and then!).

    2. You think I would proofread… in "a" previous post. And I do "enjoy sharing" not "enjoying sharing"…That mistake would annoy me all day….

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