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Simple Fall Vignette and a Couple Pillow Options

Usually, I keep my fall decorating pretty simple.  Sure, every year I pin a bunch of ideas to my Fall Board on Pinterest but then I end up only decorating a few areas like this simple fall vignette.

Simple Fall vignette with pumpkin and pine cones

In my family room this year, I just added a couple fall-ish pieces to my rattan tray.  Pine cones and pumpkins always seem to work.

Throw pillows for fall

Since I already had these blue printed pillows from Pottery Barn, I put them out when I started working on the family room .  The addition of a couple orange pillows (also from Pottery Barn) helped to Halloween-it-up a little in here.

Family room decorated for fall

Because I’ve been procrastinating, I still have the temporary rug in here.  Eventually, I will commit to something.  Since I love to add colorful pillows, I will probably want to keep the new rug neutral.

Fall console table with pumpkins and baskets

Although some color is always nice.  For instance, the pops of orange tie in with the little bit of orange on the console table I decorated recently

Rattan tray decorated for fall

But of course, I cannot leave well enough alone!  I kept the simple tray but then decided to try a different look for the pillows…

Pillows for fall

Recently, I bought this pumpkin pillow from Pottery Barn.  (I guess I have been shopping there a lot lately…the sectional is from there too!).  Anyway, the pumpkin pillow didn’t go with the blue ones so I swapped them out with other pillows from around the house.

Decorating the family room for fall

The gold pillows came from my living room and I bought the green covers a while ago.

Velvet pillows in fall colors

Sure, they are more subtle than the blue and orange but they still work in here.

Family Room sectional with fall pillows

Just enough orange from the pumpkin pillow and the pumpkin on the coffee table, don’t you think?

Fall vignette on rattan coffee table tray

Overall, I think both options work.  Although, my boys prefer the blue and orange because it “feels more like Halloween that way.”  Either way, I think my fall decorating will stay pretty simple!

Which color combination do you like with my simple fall vignette?

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Simple Fall Vignette and Pillow Options for the family room


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  1. I love both. Have seen a lot of blue in fall/Halloween decor this year. I tend to gravitate toward more neutral decor these days. After so many years of bright/jewel toned colors, I just prefer it.

  2. I like the blue and white. I love all your windows! Great light inside. I love it when sun shines in.Brenda

  3. Love orange and blue….don't you just love making a change in the decor by just swapping out the pillows?….Simplifying seasonal decor is always a good thing. But it is hard for me to go by that rule when decorating for Christmas! Have a great week!

  4. I love both looks. I like the orange and blue because it is bright and happy but the soft look is soothing. I'm no help 🙂

  5. I like both looks because you've coordinated the pillows in the middle section so perfectly with both colour combos – well done! Such wonderful pics of your living room with the sunshine streaming in – very inviting! I'm not sure you need to buy a new rug – love how this one looks with your decor.

  6. Both look fabulous! Orange and blue go well together. It's fun to mix things up a bit. I appreciate you sharing your lovely posts at DI&DI. Happy Sunday.

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