My 10 Favorites of 2013

Instead of sharing my most viewed posts of the year,

I like to do a recap of my favorite posts.

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So, here are 10 of my favorites for 2013:
(in no particular order)

1.  My Favorite Room Transformation:

One Room Challenge – Office Reveal
Not only was my office the only room I completely transformed this year,
but it was by far my biggest decorating accomplishment of the year!

But there was a close second in the area of accomplishments…

2.  My Favorite Project Accomplishment:

The Bookcases Are Painted!
After buying brand new bookcases, I decided I was not happy with the cream color so I repainted them Decorator’s White.  It was a ton of work, but SO worth it to me!

3.  My Favorite Table Setting:

Fall Table Setting
I had so much fun decorating with these mini pumpkins this year!

4.  My Favorite Vignette:

Spring Vignette with a Target Lamp
I am always thrilled when an inexpensive purchase
mixed with things I already own, can create a whole new look!

5.  My Favorite Furniture Purchase:

Christmas Bedroom
Let’s face it, I did a lot of shopping this year…
(My husband will definitely agree with that statement!)
And although I love my office furniture and various other things around the house,
I was happiest to give my son a new bigger bed!

6.  My Favorite Accessory Purchase:

The Ballard Carriage Chandelier
One Room Challenge Office – Week 3
I still love this light just as much as I did the day it arrived!

7.  My Favorite Mantel:

Simple Spring Mantel
This reminded me how much I really love black and white!

8.  My Favorite Celebrity Encounter:

Shore Events
Sure, I may have met the Travel Channel crew and even appeared in a whole two seconds of Hotel Impossible, but I was most excited to meet New Jersey’s Governor Chris Christie!

9.  My Favorite Recipe:
Simple Summer Salads – Arugula 3 Ways

Or in this case…3 recipes!
I still can’t get enough arugula in my life!

10.  My Favorite Place Visited:

Grand Cayman 2013
Although we had an amazing time on our family trip to Washington, D.C.,
this blog’s name wouldn’t make any sense if I didn’t choose the Caribbean!

What fun I had looking back over my posts for 2013!

Not only have I enjoyed writing this blog, but I have loved the interaction with all of you!  I have learned so much from visiting those of you who write blogs.  You have inspired me, made me laugh, made me cry, reminded me what is important, showed me new ways of doing things, made me remember to live in the moment, gave me great ideas, helped me get more organized, reminded me I don’t have to be perfect and allowed me into your beautiful homes and lives!

Thank you so much for your support, 

your friendship

 and for visiting my blog this year!  

I look forward to sharing more with you all in 2014!

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What did you accomplish in 2013?


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  1. I love so many of these too. And I missed your arugula post so I'm going to go back and read that one. It's my very favorite salad green too!! Happy New YEar!

  2. Shelley, I have truly loved accompanying you on your blog journey this year. I love your office and all the goodies you purchased. Your travel posts are always wonderful. Happy New Year to you and I wish you a fantastic year ahead! xo Nancy

  3. I've so enjoyed going through the year with you. Lovely posts and here's to more blogging with you next a sweetie,Shelia 😉

  4. I love how you chose your favorite's of 2013. When I look back at my own posts, it amazes me that what I truly enjoyed and had so much fun writing, were NOT what my readers liked…LOL! Shaunna @ Tempting Thyme

  5. I know it hasn't been that long, but I loved seeing your beautiful office again! 🙂 Wishing you all the best in 2014!

  6. Hi Shelly, I have really enjoyed following along with you and seeing all your post. I wish you and your family a blessed 2014. Hugs,Sherry

  7. I can see why those were favorite posts! Everything looks wonderful. I just bought the same chandelier in two different sizes for my entry way. Love it!

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