Map Update

The other day I told you about the map I bought for my son’s room.

See The New Map.

At that time, I was undecided whether the new map would go over the dresser or the desk.

Thank you to all who gave their opinions.

The 8 year old decided he liked it over his dresser because he could see it better there.

So up it went!






You can see the full transformation of the room at My Son’s Room – Before and After.

Although the transformation is still not complete!

Someday I will be finished in here…but it won’t be this week!

The kids are done with day camp and we only have a few activities planned for the week.

I think I will spend most of my time playing referee…

What are your plans for the week?


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  1. It's great that he can see it from his bed. I bet he will be able to commit all the states' locations to memory in no time…..something I still struggle with as an adult! The room looks great!

  2. The map looks wonderful above the wood dresser. (Great choice!) I love those big maps. I recently hung one in my kitchen.

  3. Oh yes, over the dresser is the perfect spot. What a cool piece of art for a kid's room.

  4. Thanks everyone! It really ended up being the best spot for it. Now of course I am staring at that lamp thinking I want to change the shade or something…-Shelley

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