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Christmas Table in a Navy Dining Room

Happy December everyone!   Have you been thinking about how to decorate your Christmas table?  Today, I am joining a group of talented bloggers for a Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop hosted by Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate.  Each day this week, several bloggers will be sharing their Christmas tables.  Today, I’m sharing my Christmas table in a navy dining room.  Also, please be sure to visit the links at the end of this post for tons of inspiration.

*Please also note that this post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking my links below, I will receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you).

Christmas Table in a Navy Dining Room:

Classic navy blue as a background…

Ever since we painted our dining room (Sherwin Willams – Naval), I’ve been thrilled with all the decorating possibilities.  Although, a white background is probably more versatile for most people, I’ve come up with plenty of ideas that go with the navy. 

For me, navy blue is a color that fits with the way I decorate…and the way I dress, for that matter.  Supposedly, you should look at your clothing choices to see what colors you should use in your decor.  Well, that rings true for me because most of my wardrobe is navy!

Navy Dining Room decorated for the holidays

Because my walls are navy, my red decorations really stand out.  With such strong colors, I just have to be careful not to overdo the accessories.  Otherwise, the room could look cluttered.  That’s one reason I love having a seagrass rug in my dining room.  The neutral color provides a great background for anything I want to do on the table.  Plus, the seagrass rug tones done the formal feel of the traditional cherry furniture.

Navy Dining Room decorated for Christmas

Decorating with Blue and White for Christmas:

A classic color combination for a traditional room…

For my Christmas tablescape, I wanted to use my blue and white pieces so I mixed in plenty of Christmas greenery and splashes of red.  Originally, I planned to use a combination of red and white roses for the centerpiece but we had a snowstorm yesterday and I never made it out to the store.  Now, if I wasn’t such a procrastinator, I would have planned ahead and purchased the flowers earlier.  Then again, with my black thumb, they might have been dead by now anyway – ha!

So, as a backup plan, I plopped this little Christmas tree in my blue and white porcelain and flanked it with a couple silver reindeer.  How’s that for any easy centerpiece?  Sometimes being “done” is better than trying to be perfect, right?

Blue and White Christmas table in dining room

Christmas Table – Colors and Textures:

Add layers for interest and variety…

To continue the brown color from the furniture and pine cones, I used my rattan chargers.  Of all my table decor, the rattan chargers are one of my most used.  If you read my blog, you’ve probably seen them many times!

Place setting and silverware - Christmas Table in Dining Room

blue and white platessimilar rattan charger

On each place setting, I layered mini wreaths on top of the red napkins.

Festive Place Setting on Christmas Table in Dining Room


Christmas place setting with blue and white china

Another over-used accessory in my home is the burlap table runner.  It really does go with everything!

top view of Christmas tablescape

Simple Holiday Touches in the Dining Room:

Add some shine with metal and glass…

Here is a close up of one of the reindeer.  Recently, I bought the pair at Homegoods after I made over our boys’ bathroom.  Originally, I planned to put the reindeer in the bathroom for some minimal Christmas decor.  Instead, they ended up on the Christmas table in the dining room where they have become part of the centerpiece.  Speaking of reindeer, if you are looking for a fun (and delicious) Christmas cookie recipe, be sure to check out my reindeer cookie recipe.

Silver reindeer on holiday table

To give a festive touch to each place setting, I added a simple red glass ornament and pine cone.  Why limit Christmas ornaments to the tree?  Check out my other easy ways to decorate with ornaments.

Blue and white Christmas place setting with ornament and pine cone

Christmas Decor Around the Dining Room:

Add a few more touches of holiday cheer…

From the table, you can see my decorated shelves and bar cart in the background…

Christmas place settings in a navy dining room

Yes, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I love decorating my bar cart.  Not only is the bar cart practical (well, kind of) but it’s the perfect place to corral a bunch of fun seasonal items.  It’s like an instant holiday party…Cheers!

Christmas Bar Cart

Above my bar cart, I placed more blue and white china on the wall shelves.  Just by adding a bit of greenery, I turned the shelves from everyday to Christmas.

blue and white plates on wall shelves in dining room

On the opposite side of the room, I added a little more greenery to the sideboard.

Sideboard decorated for Christmas in Navy Dining Room

similar ginger jarginger jar option

It’s amazing how some simple Christmas greenery can make the blue and white pieces feel like Christmas.

White ceramic Christmas house

Obviously, the little white ceramic houses add a festive touch as well.  This year, I am placing them in vignettes around my house but last year I gathered them all for a Christmas table setting in the kitchen.

Navy Dining Room at Night:

Ambiance for festive dining…

Although it’s hard to photograph the room at night, I’ll share one photo of a Christmas evening in the dining room…

navy dining room at night

I hope you enjoyed the tour of my navy dining room!

Hopefully, you picked up some ideas to decorate your own home for the holidays!

If you want to see how I decorated my kitchen this year, take the tour here – Farmhouse Christmas Decor for the Kitchen.

*Update – here is my latest Christmas tablescape!

Sources for my Christmas table in a navy dining room:

Once again, thank you to Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate for hosting! 

Please visit the rest of the participants on the blog hop from the list below…

Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop

How are you decorating your Christmas table this year?

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  1. Shelley, I love the navy walls in your dining room (I think I have mentioned it several times 😊) and it is a beautiful background for your tablescape. Blue and white dishes are a favorite of mine especially the willow pattern. Pairing the willow with the rattan chargers and burlap table runner adds a rustic feel to the setting.The centerpiece of deer and the small tree are perfect. It is always a pleasure to hop with you. Wishing you a most joyous Christmas season!

    1. Thank you so much Pam…always nice to hear! I like to mix in a few textures and casual elements because overly formal doesn’t work with my family of boys. Poor Rosie and I are the only ones to appreciate girly things. Yes, blue willow is the best, isn’t it? Definitely works in every season. Thanks again for your sweet comment and so nice to hop with you!

  2. hi Shelley, your navy dining room is gorgeous! I recently painted my dining room black above the chair rail and I LOVE it! {Yes, most of my wardrobe is black 🙂 } The greenery with pops of red is beautiful, subtle and elegant. I love the way you added natural textures, it makes your table welcoming and warm. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

    1. Thanks so much, Jenna! See, we do dress our houses like our wardrobe! Black is a great color for a dining room…I am sure you feel so cozy in there. Thanks again for your sweet comment and enjoy the holidays!

  3. It is elegant and lovely yet oh, so warm and inviting. I love the beautiful table setting and your trusty burlap running which DOES go with everything, doesn’t it? The rest “fests” it up too. And the pretty decor on your table with the blue and white vases and white houses is quite lovely too. Oh, Shelley, it all is!

    1. You are so sweet…thank you Jeanie! I had fun decorating the room and I am happy you like it. Cheers!

  4. Shelley, your table is beautiful and the entire room is stunning! I love all the greenery and I am a blue and white girl, too. All your pieces are so pretty. Your navy room is so elegant and makes you notice your beautiful moldings.
    I am certainly pinning your plate stack. The white placemat is perfect to compliment navy transferware and a red napkin a top a green wreath!
    I am glad to blog hop with you.

    1. Thank you, Bonnie! I am glad you like the navy paint color. After having the room red for many years, I needed a change and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the lovely comment and for pinning!

  5. Shelley, I am truly captivated by your lovely dining room. I love your use of the bold and contrasting color of dark navy and bright white and it certainly brings out the lovely blue and white dinnerware and accents that you have in your room. Your choice of room colors really pays honor to your elegant dinnerware. You are absolutely correct, your use of greenery and touches of red color instantly portrayed a Christmas holiday theme and you provided a good lesson that decorating didn’t have to be about a whole lot more of items, but just enough to pop with color. The red accents mixed with natural items are absolutely perfect. Certainly this entire room is magazine worthy! Absolutely stunning!

    1. Marsha, what a lovely comment – thank you so much! I feel so flattered that you appreciate my mixture of colors and natural accents. I tend to decorate with fewer items and sometimes I think I should add more “things”. Thank you for appreciating my style and have a wonderful holiday season!

  6. Beautiful Shelley. Love that you used darker and bold colors and it really came out beautiful. Love it all.

  7. Shelley, this is really pretty. I love that SW Naval on the walls, and even though our dining space is a nice neutral in gray, I think this color could work for me too. I debated a darker blue since we have exposed brick as well, but the gray won out. I think your greenery in lieu of the white roses was a happy accident because its use throughout the room pulls it all together. The burlap runner is perfect above the sisal rug. Love that bar cart and how it’s tricked out! We had one in our former home, and even though we aren’t drinkers, I still like the look/use for guests. I’ve had a plan up my sleeve but haven’t execute it yet. You’ve inspired me! Beautifully done overall!

    1. Thanks, Rita! I am glad you like my “substitute” centerpiece. For now, I am done obsessing over it! Paint colors are so hard, aren’t they? Since I had a bold red in there before, I knew I could handle another dark color. The gray is pretty in yours and works with a variety of colors as well. Definitely start playing around with that bar cart of yours…it will open up a whole new area to decorate…fun, fun, fun! Have a great week!

  8. Shelley, I love your navy dining room, and the pops of red and greenery are such a lovely contrast! Have a beautiful Christmas season ! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  9. That is absolutely beautiful!! I love blue (in just about all it’s shades) but there is just something about navy that makes me smile. The pops of deep brown, red and green are perfect.

  10. That night shot is gorgeous! Red and blue is a delightful color palette for the holiday and the mini wreaths are a great touch. I also agree that the navy walls are lovely. Also, Thanks for sharing the surrounding areas with us. It’s been a pleasure to hop with you and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!

  11. The navy is lovely and yes the decorations really pop. The blue plates look fantastic and I love how you dressed the bowls with an ornament and pine ones. The burlap runner is perfect and I can see how you would use it on many occasions. An elegant table for your guests to sit down and take in the beauty of it lol.

    1. Thank you, Linda! I am always looking for ways to sneak those blue plates in there! Great hopping with you!

  12. Shelley, you’ve done a lovely job using your navy walls as a backdrop. Since we’re styling our tables so far ahead of actual Christmas dinner, I think faux greenery is the only way to go. Yours looks awesome with all the blue and white china and vases. I love decorating my bar cart too. Love all your individual elements and each detail. Merry Christmas to you.

    1. Thank you Carol! Yes, you are right about the faux greenery. If I did use real flowers, they would be a mess by Christmas! And cheers to fun bar cart decorating! Have a lovely holiday!

  13. Oh how beautiful! I really love the wreaths placed on every place setting. The reindeers are the added perfection!

    The table filled with blue and white and the small houses is gorgeous! And that night shot… fabulous!

    1. It’s funny, I almost didn’t include the night shot because it’s so hard to photograph at night…well, at least for me! Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Nancy!

  14. Lovely and elegant. I, too, have a dining room in a deep blue that’s not quite navy. I find so many color combinations that work with the walls. Sometimes the table reinforces the blue, other times the walls recede into the background.

    1. Thanks, Sandra – and yes I know what you mean about the blue. It’s definitely fun to try out different looks. Thanks again for your lovely comment!

  15. First of all, Shelley, I’m sure that I told you a million times how much I love your navy dining room. An you do such a fantabulous job decorating your table! Have a great week.

  16. Shelley, your perfectly balanced those pops of festive red with the blue and white. The red plus the lovely greenery really makes for a sophisticated Christmas tablesetting. Personally, I prefer your mini tree as the centerpiece to roses that only last for a few days at best. A fortuitous choice! I’m sure your family will be happy to make merry in such a beautifully decorated room.

  17. Sandra, I love the traditional combination of navy with red and white. I also love how adding simple greenery can transform a room, and you’ve done a fantastic job of using it in just the right places. Merry Christmas to you!

  18. I’ve been playing with the idea of turning our home into a patriotic home (red, white and blue decor). Your dining room is really gorgeous, and inspiring. I immediately showed my husband this dining room. We LOVE the blue and white!! Pinned for when we redo our home.


  19. You know I love your blue dining room, since my formal dining room has those same dark blue walls. I hadn’t noticed your rug before, and I have a similar neutral rug, too. I love how you have styled your table for Christmas. You have kept your table from being too formal, with your rattan chargers. I really like the combination of the ornament and the pinecone tucked into the bowls at each place setting. Thank you for joining us once again in our hops! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  20. I’m a total procrastinator too and we share black thumbs as well. And even though the red and white roses would have been pretty, your plan B is aaaahhhmazing! Love the greens and the blue and white china together. Just beautiful.

  21. Your navy walls are gorgeous! They do make the perfect backdrop for your Christmas table. I especially love all the simple touches like the pinecones and red ornaments in the bowls, and the simple green centrepiece. They all add up to make for a very festive table. My favorite is your plate stack though! Those miniature wreaths and red napkins add just the right pop against the blue plates. You certainly have styled a room fit for a festive holiday dinner party!! Merry Christmas!

  22. Your navy dining room is gorgeous as is your Christmas table. Everything festive and beautiful. I specially love how you styles each place setting. Love it all !
    Have a great Christmas season.

  23. Your navy walls are so classy and the table you have set is stunning! I love your dishes and the pretty idea to put an ornament and pinecone on top!! All so lovely! Fun to hop with you!

  24. While live flowers are always pretty, your little tree flanked by Reindeer and greens made a perfect centerpiece for you Christmas table. Your plate stacks are gorgeous with the wreath on top of the red napkins. The entire room is festive and full of Christmas spirit. Merry Christmas!

  25. Shelley, your dining room looks cozy and festive! Blue and red is a vibrant combo and the neutral touches you added with the greenery, runner and chargers makes it all work perfectly.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

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