Festive Christmas Decorating with Poinsettias

Happy weekend and welcome to the Saturday Spotlight!  Each week, I like to highlight a different theme or topic to inspire you.  Since most of us are in the middle of our holiday decorating right now, I thought I’d share some of those ideas.  Today we’ll focus on festive Christmas decorating with poinsettias!

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Ideas for Christmas Decorating with Poinsettias:

If you want to add this classic Christmas flower to your holiday decor, here are a few ideas…

Hang a Poinsettia Wreath:

To add a splash of color to your Christmas mantel, hang a poinsettia wreath…or in my case, lean a poinsettia wreath.  (By the way…when you have a stone fireplace, it’s not that easy to hang anything on it!)  So, for my Christmas house tour a couple years ago, I simple leaned the wreath on the mantel.

Red poinsettia wreath on stone fireplace - Christmas decorating with poinsettias

As you can see, the red poinsettia wreath made a pretty focal point that year.

After going through my old blog posts, I realized I used the poinsettia wreath on mantel many years ago.  Back then, we still had our old fireplace so I was able to hang the wreath for my traditional Christmas mantel.

Red poinsettia wreath over fireplace mantel - Christmas decorating with poinsettias

This year, I moved this poinsettia wreath to the front door.  Hopefully, it won’t get wrecked outside... Once I finish my Christmas decorating on the front porch, I’ll share more photos.

Poinsettia wreath on black door - Ideas for decorating with poinsettias for Christmas

On a side note, I should probably freshen up the paint on my beat-up front door while I’m out there!

Fill a Basket with Real Poinsettias:

If you decide to go with real poinsettias, you can group a bunch of them together in a pretty basket.  Display the basket in your entryway, use it for a pretty poinsettia centerpiece or place a couple baskets on each side of your fireplace.

basket of red poinsettias

Just be careful with your pets.  Supposedly, poinsettia plants can make them sick if ingested.

And I saved my favorite way to decorate with poinsettias for last…

Fill a Bowl or Planter with Small Poinsettia Plants:

When decorating my kitchen last Christmas, I decided to use some of my blue pieces. As I pulled out my large blue and white planter, I knew it would make the perfect container for a bunch of poinsettia plants!

Red poinsettias in blue and white bowl - Christmas decorating with poinsettias ideas

Even though I’m normally terrible with plants, I was able to keep these poinsettias alive for quite a long time.  I guess it helped that they were right in the middle of my island where I saw them everyday!

Poinsettia Themed Shopping Finds:

If you’re like me and don’t have a green thumb, faux poinsettia plants are a great option!


Add some artificial poinsettia flowers like these to your Christmas tree this year!


Choose a pretty poinsettia pillow like one of these for your holiday decorating!


And for even more ways to decorate with poinsettias for Christmas, here are some finds from around the internet:

Hopefully, I’ve given you a bunch of poinsettia ideas for your holiday home! 

By the way, National Poinsettia Day is December 12th…just in case you were wondering.  Doesn’t it seem like they have a day for everything?  Oh, which reminds me… How do you pronounce “poinsettia”?  Do you say the “ia” sound at the end or just the “a”?  Apparently, both ways are correct but I think I usually just pronounce the “a” sound.  

Do you decorate with poinsettias at Christmastime?

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Ways to Decorate with Poinsettias


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  1. Love that gorgeous blue and white planter filled with the red poinsettias. I haven’t had real ones for awhile. And yes, they are poisonous to pets. One of our kitties nibbled some one year and vomited for 24 hours. Pretty scary.

    1. Thanks Debra! I’m always looking for ways to incorporate blue and white. So scary about your kitty!

  2. Beautiful decor Shelley. I am loving your poinsettias. They all look fabulous. I don’t have any…Definitely have to keep them away from our fur babies. I am happy to feature your lovely Christmas decorating at Love Your Creativity. Merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks Linda – yes, gotta keep those fur babies safe! Thanks so much for featuring me! Enjoy your week!

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