Largest Tulip Festival on the East Coast

Time is running out to see the blooming tulips at the largest tulip festival on the east coast!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have watched my stories from this past weekend.  On Saturday afternoon, one of my best friends and I met up at Holland Ridge Farms in Cream Ridge, New Jersey to see the tulips.  Both of us had heard about the tulip festival and wanted to catch the tulips in full bloom.

Apparently, we visited the tulip festival at the right time…

Rows of Colorful Tulips

Besides the muddy parking lot from the morning rain, we chose a perfect day to visit.  Arriving just after the rain ended, we were relieved that the farm wasn’t overly crowded for a Saturday afternoon.  Although a little sunshine would have been nice, the clouds didn’t prevent us enjoying the stunning colors of the blooming tulips!  Apparently, there are over 50 acres and millions of tulips planted!

Field of Purple Flowers

Tulip photos:

As you can see, the tulip festival was absolutely stunning.  Every person there seemed to be posing for pictures, but can you blame them?  I took a bunch of photos but I wish I even took more!

Rows of Colorful Tulips

Imagine the spectacular family photos you could take in this place.  Note to self…book a photographer for next year!

Row of Pink Tulips at the Largest Tulip Festival on the East Coast

New Jersey Tulips:

Of all places, would you guess to see all this beauty in New Jersey?  I’ll let you in on a little secret, New Jersey has more farmland than you realize.  After all, it’s known as the Garden State!

According to their website, Holland Ridge Farms just opened their first tulip festival last year!  As fourth generation tulip growers from Holland, they obviously know what they are doing.  Touches of Holland can also be seen throughout the property…

Yellow Dutch Shoe at Tulip Farm

Ha!  One has to pose in the big wooden shoe!  If only I was wearing a pretty sundress and straw hat…then I would have posed with more of the flowers! Rows of Red Tulips

Although we walked the property, the farm also offered hop on/hop off hayrides through the tulip fields.  We also noticed a few bikes here and there.

Flowers and barn

Baskets were also provided if you wanted to pick your own tulips.  I believe they were selling for a dollar per stem.  Since I wasn’t driving directly home after our visit, I didn’t purchase any tulips.  I was afraid to leave them sitting in the car all day.  Looking back, I probably should have brought some anyway!  Oh well…next time!

Orange Tulips

Seriously, could they be prettier?  Every year, I love to decorate with tulips in my home,so it really is a shame I didn’t bring any home.  How would I choose, anyway?  I am thinking I might blow up and frame some of these photos!

Pink Tulips at Festival

Spend the day at the tulip festival:

You could really spend the whole day in this place!  For those of you who want to do that, there are food trucks, picnic areas, restrooms and a Holland themed gift shop on the property.  Children would also enjoy the various farm animals and pony rides.

Field of Tulips

If you are interested in visiting the tulip farm, be sure to check the Holland Ridge Farms Website for updates.  Obviously, these tulips won’t be blooming forever!  Tickets can also be purchased online and cost a bit less the day before.  We just bought ours at the door.  Either way, this place is a definite must-see for flower enthusiasts!  Go now or plan for next year!

Pink and Purple Tulips

If you want some ideas on how to decorate with tulips, be sure to read these posts:

Have you been to any tulip festivals?

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    1. I had never been to a tulip festival before either but I am definitely going back again next year!

  1. Sighs… Oh how I love tulips and how gorgeous this is! Sounds like you had a great time!

    1. Yes, you should put it on your list! There is plenty close by too…Jackson outlets, Six Flags Great Adventure, Princeton and the Jersey shore is about a half hour away. Let me know if you go and I will meet you there! It’s amazing!

    1. Thanks Carole, it really was a nice outing. Since I am obsessed with tulips so it was the perfect place to spend the day! I would love to see an orchid show as well. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Beautiful! We have a farm in Rhode Island that holds a tulip festival and we went for the first time every last year. It is really amazing to see all those rows and rows of flowers… and so much variety of color and size. We weren’t heading home either so I didn’t pick any either… but I would have loved a nice big bouquet for my dining room table.

    1. It really is amazing to see row after row. I hope you get to go back to the one near you. Next time I am planning ahead so I can bring some home too!

    1. People are pleasantly surprised when they visit the different areas of NJ. There really are so many pretty places. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

  3. I’m still in awe of your photos. What an amazing place, tulips are my favorite spring flower. I’m putting this on my wish list for weekend trips. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday

    1. Yes, it really was something to see! How nice that there is also a festival in Michigan…in Holland, Michigan! Definitely puts us in the mood for spring!

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