Master Bedroom Past and Present

Last night, I came across some old photos of my master bedroom and it got me thinking about what I have done to the room over the years, and what I would like to do to the room in the future.

In case you haven’t been by to visit, this is what my bedroom looks like now:

Here is a shot showing more of the room (before I changed the lampshades.)

But when we moved in from our one bedroom condo about 12 years ago, this is how the room looked:

Yeah, it was looking quite pathetic that year!

The dresser was so tiny and sad looking!

Since then, I have added window treatments:

Although I am already thinking of changing the ticking striped curtains to a blue and white buffalo plaid!

I do love my woven shades though. They are staying.

I replaced my old bed with this British Colonial Bed.  This is definitely a keeper!

I think Ethan Allen even calls this the “Island Bed”.  How perfect for me!

Not all the furniture is from Ethan Allen, but it flows together pretty well without looking like I tried to match it and failed…well I hope it doesn’t look that way!

.My goal was to keep the bed inviting and casual although the down comforter can look a little sloppy at times!

I like the way the new lampshades stand out against the Linen White walls.

Gotta love Pottery Barn…

I wanted a seating area for this corner, although I wish I went with a slipcovered chair instead.
I don’t know that I will want blue in this room forever. Though, I am happy I added all the live plants.  They help clean the air and they go with my slightly tropical feel.  With my black thumb, I can’t believe I have kept them alive this long!

I haven’t gotten tired of my shell pillows yet.

Yes –  Pottery Barn from a few years ago.

Originally, I wanted a ceiling fan in here because that’s what they usually have in the islands.

Now I kind of want to change it to a lantern of some sort.

Here is the entrance to the master bathroom with the master closets on either side.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

I still would love to rip out the carpet and put in hard wood floors, get some more (or bigger) artwork and change the bed linens.  But I guess I am happy for now…especially when I look back at the old pictures!


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  1. I love when I find old photos and really get a good look at how far my rooms have come and how much my taste has changed over the years. Gotta love Pottery Barn. They're the best! Love your bedroom now. The lampshades are awesome.

  2. As they say you've come a long way baby! Looks great, such a large but cozy room. I wish I have only a few old pics of our house, wish I had more to share.

  3. I love your bed! I think sleigh beds are the best!! We have one too. See how biased I am?!!And I really like the Linen White on the walls. It looks like a different room!! Gorgeous!Sarahx

  4. Gorgeous! I love navy blue. Just painted the upper walls in my dining room navy. Your bedroom looks very peaceful.

  5. Great bedroom. Love the bed styling…, window treatment. I agree, large piece of art would be the perfect final touch! Oh, well…, I could say that for my bedroom too.

  6. You have such a pretty master! It has come a long way since that before picture! I actually love the window treatments, but I'm sure whatever you change them to would be just as great! Those lamp shades are amazing and I love the casual feel your entire room has – mission accomplished! So glad you linked up to Roomspriation!

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