How to Spook the Neighbors

When Halloween comes around in my neighborhood, we tend to go a bit overboard.

For instance:

Goodie Basket - How to Spook your neighbors

This arrived on my doorstep last night.

Every year, we “spook” each other with surprise gift baskets or bags filled with all kinds of Halloween goodies!  Usually, the treats are geared towards the kids but this year, someone thought of the adults in the house!

As you can see, my “secret ghost” this year was quite generous!

Halloween inspired wine label - a great treat for the adults!

Not only do I just love the basket, but the chocolate treats inside and the bottle of wine are right up my alley. 

Cute wooden sign for Halloween

Look at this cute wooden sign.  I should have no problem finding a spot for this.

Instructions on how to spook your neighbors

Inside the basket are the directions to continue the “spookfest.”

We've been spooked - Front Door Sign

As instructed,I attached my ghost to the front door to mark that I have been spooked.  Now I must go shopping for treats for two more neighbors and make my deliveries without getting caught!

**I have added a new post that might be helpful if you want to shop for your own spook bag goodies!  – A Fun Halloween Tradition

So, if you want to “spook” your neighbors, make a variation of the above instructions or go to:  They have some really cute ones that can be printed out!

This can be such a great way to add some fun to your neighborhood and helps to build a sense of community.  Who says Halloween is just for kids?

Do you do spook your neighbors?

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  1. I totally need to do this! Thanks for the idea!!! Glad you stopped by and said hello! I'm now your newest follower!Aimee @ ItsOverflowing

  2. Wow this looks like fun! We don't really do halloween in Australia. It's looks like a fun way to get the neighbourhood together though. Have a lovely day! Leahx

  3. Of course now I am running around in the rain today shopping for the next 2 neighbors! It's fun though!-Shelley

  4. This is so fun! I wish my neighborhood would do something like this. I feel like they wouldn't really participate though… So nice that you guys are able to do this though 🙂

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