Staircase with Lights

For the past couple of years

I have thought about adding lights to my stair garlands

but then I get all caught up in the holiday craziness

and never buy the lights.

This year, the lights went up!

I can’t believe what a difference it makes in the foyer!

My house suddenly feels a hundred times more festive!

Foyer with stair garland and Christmas lights


I like to keep the foyer dimly lit

so all you see are these sparkly white lights

along with the glow from the nearby rooms.

My house just seems more welcoming!

Now I feel like having some guests over!

It will be nice to see the lights as we come down the stairs Christmas morning.

Let’s just hope the kids let us sleep and it won’t be this dark outside then!

Have you added any lights to your Christmas decor?


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  1. Bravo Shelley! With an open stairway like that, lights are a must. Your foyer looks huge, btw. A few of my friends have that two-story foyer, and when they open the door….it always feels so open and inviting. I can smell the cinnamon.

  2. GORGEOUS! Your house is beautiful and the staircase is amazing! I love it ALL!!! Have a terrific December holiday. Loved your visit…tks!FABBY

  3. Love it Shelley!!! I can never get how to put the garlands on my stairs, they always end up looking so tacky. Great job on yours!

  4. It looks fabulous. Love all your lights and your red dining room.I am on a farm Australia so it will be hot for Christmas – I do have all my decorations up though and some very excited children!

  5. They look great. Congrats on getting your lights up, I know how hectic things can get around this time of year. I'm so glad you did good job!

  6. Wow…love the lights! I am always sad when the time comes to take them down…so I try to soak in all the sparkle while it lasts! Happy December!Kim @ Exquisitely Unremarkable

  7. They look gorgeous, Shelley!! I know you have to be thrilled, so worth the trouble it takes to put them up!

  8. Very festive indeed – and here's to hoping our kids let us sleep in a little bit on Christmas morning!Kelly

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