DIY Gingerbread House Ornaments to Make this Season

This year, gingerbread Christmas decorations seem to be everywhere!  If you’d like to jump on the trend while getting a little creative this holiday season, here’s an easy craft to try.  Today, I’ll show you how I made some easy DIY gingerbread house ornaments!

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Easy DIY Gingerbread House Ornaments:

For these gingerbread ornaments, there’s no baking required…

Instead of making real gingerbread houses, these homemade ornaments are made of wood.

DIY gingerbread house ornaments on Christmas tree

Not only were these diy ornaments easy to make, but they were actually a fun project.  In fact, I think they’d be easy enough for kids to try.  This year, get the whole family involved in the Christmas decorations!

DIY Gingerbread House Inspiration:

Simple wood ornaments…

Last year, I found some inexpensive packets of wooden tags at Michael’s craft store.  

packet of house shaped wood tags

At the time, I decided to paint them all white and hang them on one of my Christmas trees.  Since I was decorating with snowflakes and white houses, the ornaments worked with my theme.

Red ribbon and white house ornaments on Christmas tree

If you like to decorate with white houses at Christmas time, here are some more ways I’ve decorated with them over the years.

This year, I took a look at my white house ornaments and decided to add some gingerbread houses!  After all, you can never have enough Christmas ornaments!

Supplies to Make Gingerbread House Ornaments:

Instructions for DIY Gingerbread House Ornaments:

First, paint the wood houses with brown paint.

Recently, I picked up a couple larger wood houses at Michaels to add to my mini wooden houses.  Technically, I think they were labeled as wood tags like the smaller ones.  Either way, I painted them all brown with a simple sponge brush.

Hand painting wooden gingerbread house ornaments with brown paint

While painting the houses, I placed them on parchment paper to keep them from sticking to other surfaces.  Even though my acrylic paint was supposed to be washable with soap and water, I didn’t want to take any chances.

Paint the backs of the gingerbread houses for a neater look…

Since the brown paint seeped through the openings on the houses, the reverse sides looked messy.  To fix this, I lightly painted the backs of the houses and placed them all on a clean sheet of parchment paper.

Close up of hand painting wood house ornaments with brown paint

Add a second coat of paint to the front of the gingerbread houses…

From there, I painted the front sides of the wood houses one more time.  Then I let them dry.

Brown painted wooden house ornaments drying on parchment paper

Decorate the DIY gingerbread house ornaments with white paint…

Once, the brown paint was dry, I began adding the ‘white icing’…or in this case, the white puffy paint!

Painting white icing decorations on wooden diy gingerbread house ornaments

Actually, the paint I used was fabric paint.  While shopping, I chose that paint because I liked the small size of the opening which made it easier for decorating.  Plus, the fabric paint looked like real icing.

Let the paint dry and attach string for hanging…

When I bought the larger house ornaments, they came with red ribbon so that made this step easier.  Even though the smaller wood houses came with natural twine, I decided to use red and white baker’s twin instead.  It definitely gave the houses more of Christmas vibe.

DIY gingerbread house ornaments drying on parchment paper

Hang the gingerbread houses on your Christmas tree…

Overall, I ended up preferring the larger gingerbread house ornaments.  Besides being easier to paint, I liked the house shape and design better than the smaller ones.  From a distance, the larger gingerbread houses were also more noticeable on the Christmas tree.

DIY gingerbread house ornaments on Christmas tree

Places to Display Your Gingerbread Ornaments:

  • Hang them on your Christmas tree.
  • Attach them to a Christmas wreath or other holiday decor.
  • String them together on a piece of ribbon to create a gingerbread house garland.
  • Use the gingerbread houses as gift tags and attach them to your holiday presents.

Hopefully, I’ve inspired you to create your own DIY gingerbread house ornaments!

For more holiday crafts, here are a few projects you might like:

Will you be decorating with gingerbread houses this year?

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Hand painting brown house with white paint - Easy DIY gingerbread house ornaments


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