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7 Simple Ways to Decorate with Christmas Ornaments

Even though Christmas is rapidly approaching, many of us are still decorating!  Yes, I’m one of them.  In our home, we decorate at least two artificial Christmas trees and one real tree in the living room.  That’s where we open our presents Christmas morning and also where we hang all the sentimental family ornaments.  Speaking of ornaments, today I’m sharing some ways to decorate with Christmas ornaments that don’t even involve the Christmas tree.

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Glass ball decorations on Christmas tree

7 Simple Ways to Decorate with Christmas Ornaments:

If you’re short on time, these are some quick and easy ways to spread some holiday decor around the house…

Have fun decorating!

1.  Decorate a Tiered Tray with Christmas Ornaments:

Trays make great bases for decorations…

Red ornaments on tiered tray - Ways to decorate with Christmas ornaments

At the beginning of the holiday season, I like to pick a color scheme and then carry it through my house.  Usually, I start by decorating a few vignettes.  For instance, I’ll simply throw some greenery and a few ornaments on one of my tiered trays.  Mostly, I use plastic ornaments because they sometimes get knocked around.  Sometimes, I place the tiered tray on my island to add some holiday cheer to the kitchen.

Red ornaments on tiered tray - decorate with Christmas ornaments

Ever since I bought this cute wooden tiered tray, I’ve been using it to decorate my spot next to the Keurig.  Even though we’re not big coffee drinkers in my house, we do love our hot chocolate…especially at Christmas time!  This photo is from a previous year, but I just decorated the tray a little different this year.  Overall, it’s a great little spot for Christmas decorations.

2.  Create a Centerpiece with Glass Christmas Ornaments:

After all, you probably have a ton of glass ornaments in your Christmas storage…

Blue and Red ornaments in glass bowl - ways to decorate with Christmas ornaments

How easy is this?  Just grab a pretty bowl and fill it with glass Christmas ball ornaments to match your decor.  Recently, I decorated my table for Christmas in the dining room so I used navy blue and red ornaments to coordinate with my color scheme.  With the addition of a few pine cones and greenery, I was done!

One year, I decorated my kitchen table with a white ceramic village down the center of the table…

White ceramic houses with red Christmas ornaments

Then to add some color, I scattered around a few red Christmas ornaments.  They were just the extra punch of color I needed to stand out against the white trees and houses.

3.  Decorate Your Christmas Place Settings with Christmas Ornaments:

That way, each place setting can feel extra festive!

Red Christmas ornament and pine cone on table place setting

Once again, I decorated with Christmas ornaments on my dining room table…but this time on the place settings.  Well, I guess I’m not the only one who liked how it turned out because my Christmas Table in a Navy Dining Room blog post has been one of my most popular!   

If you want, you could really get creative with each place setting.  Instead of going with traditional Christmas ball ornaments, head to the craft store and make some DIY ornaments.  Or you could create some meaningful ornaments for your guests to take home.  If all else fails, leave them candy canes on each place setting.  After all, if you can hang it on a tree, it counts as an ornament in my book!

4.  Fill a Tray or Container with Christmas Decorations:

This way, you can create a vignette in no time…

Red Christmas ornaments in star basket on coffee table - ways to decorate with Christmas ornaments

Yes, here’s another super-easy way to decorate with Christmas ornaments around the house.  Years ago, I picked up the star basket at Pier One and have probably used it every Christmas in one spot or another.  I’ve even filled it with apples for the 4th of July!  But for Christmas, I usually just throw in a few ornaments and pine cones.

Red Christmas ornaments in glass container on table with blue and white porcelain

One year, my husband bought me a few glass bathroom containers but I didn’t have any use for the largest one in my bathroom.  So, I decided to bring it downstairs and fill it with Christmas ornaments.  Around the holidays, I’m always looking for pretty containers so this one worked out perfectly.  

Santa nutcracker and black lantern filled with red ornaments

Of course, lanterns work great too!  When I fill my lanterns, I usually try to use plastic Christmas ornaments because when you open the door, they all roll out.  Believe me, I found out the hard way.  Though, I guess if you’re careful, you could use glass ornaments.  For more ways to Christmas container ideas, read – 7 Vase Filler Ideas for Christmas.

5.  Add some Christmas Decorations to Your Wall Shelves:

Because every spot could use a little Christmas cheer…

3 wall ledge shelves with dishes and Christmas ornaments

When you need a pop of color on a shelf, just add a few traditional red ornaments.  Once again, if they’re in a place where they can roll, go with those plastic shatterproof Christmas tree ornaments.  Do I sound paranoid about broken ornaments or what?  Ha!

6.  Hang Plastic Christmas Decorations in a Window:

When the sun shines in, they sparkle!

Red Christmas ornaments hanging in window - ways to decorate with plastic Christmas ornaments

Now, if you’re going to decorate with plastic ornaments anywhere, this is the place to do it!  This year, I hung simple plastic red ornaments in my kitchen window and I love how they turned out.  It’s definitely a super easy and creative way to display ornaments.  If you want to see how I decorated the whole kitchen this Christmas, swing by this blog post – Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas.

7.  Decorate Outside by Adding Greenery and Decorations to an Urn:

If you have extra greenery from your tree, put it to good use…

Red Christmas ornaments and greenery in black urn

Since we always have extra pieces of fresh greenery from our fresh Christmas tree, I like to add them to my urns outside.  Usually, I throw in some faux stems along with a couple Christmas ornaments as well.  It’s an easy way to decorate for Christmas outdoors and adds a nice welcome to the garage area.  

By the way, I took this photo in a prior year because it hasn’t snowed that much yet.  But…tomorrow we are expecting 12-18 inches of snow in New Jersey!  Needless to say, my boys are thrilled and I am too.  The first big snow of the season is always so exciting…and it looks like it will be a big one!  

Thanks for stopping by to see how I decorate with Christmas ornaments around the house. 

Hopefully, I gave you some quick decorating ideas you can use in your home! 

What ways have you decorated with Christmas ornaments?


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7 Easy Ways to Decorate with Christmas Ornaments


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