How to Decorate with Wrapping Paper (3 Simple Ways)

I think we all agree that there are just not enough hours in the day… especially this time of year!  If you are looking for quick and easy holiday decorating ideas that save time and money, here are 3 simple ways to decorate with wrapping paper

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Ways to Decorate with Wrapping Paper:

Easy DIY projects for a busy holiday season!

Using Wrapping Paper in Home Decor

3 simple ways to decorate with wrapping paper

#1 – Decorate with Wrapping Paper While Hiding the Clutter

Who has time to clean their cabinets this time of year?

With all the shopping and decorating going on, our houses can sometimes get a little messy.  Well, at least I know mine does…

Hide the cabinet clutter

In our home, the TV cabinet is one area where clutter seems to gather.  Originally, I had a bunch of seagrass baskets in there.  For awhile, they helped contain things.  After I moved some of the baskets to the console table behind the couch, the cabinets started getting sloppy again.  Since the cabinets have glass doors, I either have to keep the shelves really neat or find another way to hide the inevitable messes.

Here is a quick solution to hide the clutter:

A simple solution for a messy problem…

Actually, I do this every year around this time.  It helps to have one area I don’t have to worry about while I am decorating.

Ways to Use Wrapping Paper in Home Decor

As a quick solution, I cut a couple pieces of wrapping paper to fit glass doors.

How to Hide the Clutter from Company

Then I just tape the wrapping paper to the doors and hang a festive swag on the outside.

Quick and Easy Solution to Hide Clutter

How do I hang things on my cabinet doors, you ask?  Basically, I just take a clear Command hook and hang it upside down so the opening part is facing down…

How to Hang a Wreath on a Cabinet Door

Then I just loop the ribbon around the hook and hang the swag in the front.  Since you can’t see the hooks unless you open the cabinets, I just leave them up all year round.  Believe me, it makes it so much easier when the time comes to put up the decorations.

On my kitchen cabinets, I do the same thing…

Mini Wreaths on Kitchen Cabinets

How to Hang a Wreath on Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Since the top cabinets in my kitchen never get opened, I can definitely leave the hooks up there all year too!  You can see how the whole kitchen looks with the mini wreaths in my recent Christmas kitchen post.

Pretty and Practical Uses for Wrapping Paper

Now where was I?….Ah yes, the wrapping paper… Each year, I just use a different wrapping paper to change the look on my TV cabinet.

TV Cabinet with Wrapping paper on glass doors

Here’s a nice sun-glare picture of the entire cabinet so you can see how it looks.  I am still tweaking my accessories up there but this gives you the general idea.  By the way, if you love those little white ceramic houses, be sure to check out the other ways I’ve decorated with them!

Holiday Decor on TV Cabinet

If you want to see the how the cabinet looked each year, I wrote a post, Three Looks for Glass Doors where I shared them all.  The first year, I used burlap and I think that one is still my favorite!

#2 – Decorate with wrapping paper on a table setting:

Save money on your table decor…

Recently, I shared my Festive Christmas Table where I used red and white striped wrapping paper for place mats.

Using Wrapping Paper for a Place Setting

This couldn’t be easier – just cut the size that you need and you’re done.  It’s perfect for decorating the kid’s table too.  If someone spills something on the “place mat”, you just throw it in the garbage!

Originally, I had the idea when I threw a Lego Themed Birthday Party for my son a few years ago.  Instead of “making” wrapping paper place mats, I used a sheet of wrapping paper for the table runner…

Wrapping paper used for a table runner

Once again, kid friendly and disposable!  And if the wrapping paper runner doesn’t get dirty, you can still use it to wrap presents.

#3 – Dress up some picture frames:

Give your photos a festive touch…

If you want to add some color to your photo displays, try covering a mat with some wrapping paper.

Wrapping paper and black picture frame

Black frame (dog photo not included!)

For my project, I used scissors and a box cutter but my son suggested I get an X-Acto Knife for next time.  Surely, that would make it easier and the edges would be a little more precise.  

Using wrapping paper to update a photo for Christmas

Similar Christmas Tree PlatesBlack Picture FrameSimilar Snowman Plate

Either way, the wrapping paper can make any photo seem more festive.  Sometimes, very simple ideas can make a big impact!

Hopefully, my 3 simple ways to decorate with wrapping paper have inspired you!

Now it’s your turn to come up with some different and creative ideas for the holidays!

Have you ever decorated with wrapping paper?

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3 Simple Ways to Use Wrapping Paper in Home Decor


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  1. You are SO clever! What great ideas. I'm going to copy your Christmas wrap placemats for Christmas breakfast! Thanks, Shelley! Merry Christmas!

      1. This post was picked today to be one of my featured favorites from the party. Thank you, once again, for linking up with us!

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