Easy DIY Paper Christmas Decorations (How to Make Mini Trees)

Now that November is here, I think we can start talking about Christmas decorations.  Even though I haven’t decorated my home yet, I have attempted a few Christmas crafts.  Today, I’ll show you how I made some easy DIY paper Christmas decorations…cute mini trees!

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Mini Trees – Easy DIY Paper Christmas Decorations:

A simple craft almost anyone can handle…

Last year in the stores, I remember seeing some very basic little Christmas trees made out of metal and ceramic.  In fact, I own a few ceramic ones and have used them on a Christmas table setting.  Since I like the look of those trees, I came up with the great idea to recreate the look using card stock.

mini card stock trees on wood stand - DIY paper Christmas decorations

Basically, the only DIY projects I attempt are home decor related and super-easy.  So, this one is no different…

Supplies to Make DIY Mini Tree Decorations:

Instructions for DIY Paper Christmas Decorations:

First, fold a piece of card stock paper in half and draw a simple tree template. 

For mine, I used a ruler to keep the lines straight.  You can make these any size you want.  On my first try, I started with a 5 inch tree template.

Pencil drawing tree on white cardstock paper

Cut out the template and unfold the paper to see what your tree will look like.

white card stock mini paper tree pattern

Now, use the template to trace your trees on the back of the decorative card stock you chose.

When I did this, I folded the card stock first.  

Cutting tree pattern on folded craft paper

Cut the card stock and unfold your first paper tree.

folded green card stock paper tree - diy paper christmas decorations

Repeat those instructions until you have 4 little Christmas trees.

Four folded cardstock paper christmas trees - diy decorations

Apply glue to the backs of each of the paper Christmas trees.

For me, a strong glue stick worked fine.  Though, I’m not sure if I’d recommend a glue gun because that glue tends to dry fast.  With a glue stick you have a little time to slide the pieces around to make them line up.

glue stick and back of card stock tree - easy diy paper Christmas decorations

Once all four pieces are in place, stand your paper tree and let it dry.

Green card stock standing tree - DIY paper Christmas decorations

As you can see in the photo above, the creased part ended up a little uneven.  When I chose the foil card stock, I was thinking I wanted a shiny metal appearance but didn’t realize it might be hard to fold.

Luckily, I found a book of Christmas plaid card stock while shopping at Michael’s.  Not only was it on sale, but it’s filled with beautiful plaids in a bunch of different colors.  I’d imagine you could find something for any Christmas color scheme.  (If Michael’s runs out, I’m sure you could find something like this in any of the craft stores.)

Book of Christmas card stock paper for DIY decorations

From the book, I chose a cute plaid and created a 3 inch paper tree using the step by step instructions above.  Yes, the paper card stock folded a lot easier than the foil one.  Live and learn, right?

Green and plaid card stock Christmas trees on fireplace mantel - diy paper christmas decorations

Now, my plan is to make a bunch of these paper trees and mix them in with all my white ceramic Christmas houses.  If I get ambitious, I’ll attach string or ribbon to some and make paper Christmas tree ornaments to hang.  

Speaking of ornaments, here’s an easy DIY to make gingerbread ornaments!

Hopefully, I’ve inspired you to create your own DIY paper Christmas decorations!

Rather than spend a ton of money buying decorations this holiday season, just make your own! 

*For more super-easy Christmas DIY projects, see how I decorated with wrapping paper!

Once again, here are some sources for the DIY paper mini tree decorations:

What kind of DIY Christmas decorations have you made?

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Easy Craft - Paper Christmas Trees Decorations


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  1. Good morning, Shelley. For some reason, I don’t think my trees will come out as pretty as yours. To say that I am craft-challenged is an understatement. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks friend! Haha – I only do the super easy crafts so I’m sure you could handle this! Enjoy your weekend!

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