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Traditional Christmas Table Decor in the Dining Room

Happy December everyone!   Have you started your Christmas decorating yet?  Well, if you’re looking for Christmas table inspiration, I have a bunch of beautiful ideas for you!  Today, I’m joining a group of talented bloggers for a Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop hosted by Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate.  Each of us will be sharing our latest holiday tablescapes.  For my contribution, I’m sharing my traditional Christmas table decor in the dining room!

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Christmas Table Decor:

Come get inspired by all these festive ideas…

Traditional Christmas Table Decor

If you are just arriving from The Zucchini Sisters, Welcome!  Rebecca is so creative and I’m sure you enjoyed her deer themed table!

When you’re finished here, please be sure to visit the links at the end of this post to see all the beautiful Christmas table inspiration!

Welcome to my Dining Room Decorated for Christmas:

Navy blue mixed with traditional Christmas colors…

Each year, my dining room is one of my favorite spaces to decorate for Christmas.  The dark navy on the walls sets the mood for cozy Christmas celebrations.  This year, I even added a Christmas tree in the corner.  So far, I’ve only hung lights and some ribbon but I have a few ideas for decorating it.  Be sure to come back later in the week to see it completed.

Navy Blue Dining Room decorated for Christmas

Today, we’ll just focus on the table which I decorated in a traditional Christmas style.  Last year, I used my blue willow dishes on the table but this year I went with my cream colored Lenox china.  As you can see, I still displayed the blue willow in my china cabinet and on the wall shelves.  

Cherry Dining Room Furniture in Navy Dining Room decorated for Christmas

Traditional Christmas Table Decor with Red, Green and Blue:

Using the navy blue walls as inspiration…

To pick up the color from the navy blue walls (which are Sherwin Williams Naval by the way), I set each place setting with navy blue napkins.  Then by adding lots of greenery and a bit of red, I was able to achieve a classic Christmas look.  Since my candles and placemats are white, I had to be careful not to make the table look too patriotic.  That’s why adding all the greenery is so important.

Cherry hutch and table decorated for Christmas

Then again, it is an election year…so I guess a patriotic Christmas table isn’t exactly a bad idea!  After all, anything goes in 2020!

Easy Christmas Centerpiece:

An alternative to fresh flowers…

Since this table will be set for the next month or so, I didn’t want to fuss with fresh flowers for the centerpiece.  Instead, I took a simple approach and filled a glass bowl with red and green glass ornaments.  With a few pine cones and some fresh greens from my yard, my easy Christmas centerpiece was complete…and perfect for a traditional Christmas table.

Red and Navy Blue Christmas ornaments in glass bowl - Traditional Christmas Table Decor

Tie the Colors Together with a Plaid Christmas Table Runner:

For a traditional Christmas table, you can’t go wrong with plaid…

Years ago, I bought this navy tartan Christmas table runner.  Since it’s always nice to add a little pattern, I thought it worked perfectly for this year’s Christmas table. Traditional Christmas Table Decor on Cherry Dining Room table

Then on each place setting, I placed a pine cone and some fresh greens…once again repeating the red and green with some velvet ribbons.

Christmas place settings with blue and white

With a dark runner and a dark brown table, I felt like I needed light colored placemats.

Traditional Christmas Table Decor with Navy Blue napkin

Since I was going for a more formal, traditional table setting, the off white china fit right in. Then to keep the whole table from looking too stuffy, I mixed in the natural elements.  

A Simple Trick to Dress up Placemats:

Add a small but decorative touch…

As I was setting my Christmas table, I felt like the placemats needed something.  So, I laid a piece of wired plaid ribbon across each placemat and folded the ends under to keep it in place.  This gave each plain placemat a striped look and reminded me of a wrapped Christmas present.

Christmas Place Setting with silverware - Traditional Christmas table decor

As you can see, I was able to find ribbon that matched the plaid Christmas table runner almost exactly!  I’m also using some of the plaid ribbon on my Christmas tree.

Christmas place setting with pine cones and navy napkin

With the glow of a few candles…

Plaid Christmas table runner and blue and white place setting

And the sparkle of the Christmas tree lights, it’s beginning to feel like Christmas in here!

Christmas Dining Table with blue and white settings

So, there you have my traditional Christmas table decor! 

Hopefully, I’ve given you some helpful tips to use on your table.

As soon as I finish decorating the dining room Christmas tree, I’ll have one room I can cross off my list!  You’d think I’d have the whole house down by now but I’m just taking my time.  

*Update – My red and blue Christmas tree is decorated!  Come take a look!

Traditional Christmas Table Decor Sources:

Here are some exact and similar items to help you get the look…

Once again, thank you to Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate for hosting.  Please visit the rest of the participants on the blog hop from the list below. 

If you’re following along in order, Everyday Living is next!  Pam’s tables are always so beautiful – enjoy!

Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop


Are you going with a traditional Christmas table this year?

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Traditional Christmas Table Ideas


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  1. Shelley, I love how you created a classic holiday table setting without a single piece of Christmas specific tableware —- brilliant! Using the tartan runner and ribbon on napkins also tied the beautiful color blue of the room to the table in a festive way. And, so practical and pretty to use the ornament balls and pinecones to create a season long centerpiece. Happiest of holidays to you and your family!

    1. Thanks so much, Debbee! Each year, I try to decorate the table in a new way so I’m glad you liked it. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  2. Lovely Shelley, your dining room always looks so elegant dressed in navy and white, and this holiday table compliments it so well…I love the plaid runner, and how brilliant to add a matching plaid ribbon to decorate the white placemats! The simple bowl of ornaments and pine cones is perfect, understated and sophisticated, and so pretty! I hope you and your family have a very happy holiday season!!

    1. Thanks so much, Jenna! I was so happy to find that matching ribbon! Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!

  3. What a luxurious setting your dining room makes for a special dinner like Christmas. The Navel blue walls works beautifully with the plaid table runner, and the ribbon on the placemats. I have a scarf with the exact plaid pattern, and your use of it with the deep blues and bright spots of red has my own imagination going!


    1. Thank you, Rachelle! I think when I bought that table runner, I still had red walls in my dining room but I always thought it would look great with navy walls. I’m happy that you like it. How nice that you have a scarf in that pattern! Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

  4. I have come to know you for your classic traditional, less is more style, Shelley, and I love it. My eyes were immediately drawn to the wired tartan ribbon on the placemats – perfection! You are the third person I’ve seen use the blue with red and green and it really looks beautiful, I think. And why not give a nod to patriotism? It wouldn’t hurt if more people did! Your dining room is just stunning with those navy walls. I bet you think the same thing each time you pass through. Just beautiful. Happy December, Shelley.

    1. Thanks so much, Rita! Yes, I do love my navy walls. I think it was the first time I ever loved a paint color the very second it went up. Usually, paint color has to grow on me. You’re right, I have seen a few blue, red and green combos this season. Maybe if it gets more popular, I’ll be able to find more Christmas decorations with navy blue in them. I had planned to use some wide velvet navy ribbon but couldn’t find it anywhere! Thanks for your lovely comment and enjoy the holiday season!

  5. Shelley, you know I always love seeing your gorgeous blue dining room! Your table is both beautiful and elegant. I love the idea of adding the plaid ribbon to the placemats. I’m going to remember that. Thanks so much for sharing the idea. I can’t wait to see how you decorate your tree. Happy December, and I hope you have a blessed Christmas season!

    1. Thank you Shannon! Yes, I know you can appreciate the blue! Glad you like it all and once again, it was great hopping with you. Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!

  6. Hi Shelley, Your navy plaid stole my heart. There is something casual and yet, elegant about navy plaid. You incorporated it so beautifully in your table with touches of red and greenery. I think you navy plaid runner and ribbon wrapped around your white placemat is exquisite. I can’t wait to see it also incorporated in your tree. Your bowl filled with color ornaments and pinecones for a centerpiece is a perfect choice. It is so heartwarming. Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks so much, Marsha! What a lovely comment and I’m glad you like the navy plaid too. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  7. Shelley, I have loved your navy walls ever since you painted them, they are so classic. Your traditional table is perfect with the navy and greens, mixed with a little red…timeless. I love the plaid runner and your creative idea of wired ribbon on the placemats. it is always a joy to blog hop with you. Wishing you a blessed Christmas season!

    1. Thanks Pam! I’m happy to hear you like my navy walls. I’ve been thrilled with all the new decorating possibilities they give me in there. Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season!

  8. You have set such a classically beautiful Christmas table. I love all the thought you put into the little touches that make it so special, like the ribbon across the placemat and just enough red to make it Christmas and not too patriotic- I can see where that could go. I am with you on taking my time to decorate the rest of the house, since I am not really going anywhere. Enjoy the rest of your decorating!!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas season. Stay safe

  9. So elegant and full of Grace. The blue and white in your dining room is stunning and bold. I love how you used the white plates. The plaid runner with the matching wired plaid ribbon i a lovely touch. Wrapping the placemat is such an awesome idea. I see we have similar centerpieces. Sometimes a simple bowl with ornaments and pine cones is all that is needed. A pleasure blog hopping with you. Happy holidays

    1. Yes, sometimes a simple bowl with ornaments is all you need for a centerpiece. I’m glad you agree. Thanks so much, Linda! Always great to hop with you – have a wonderful holiday season!

  10. Shelley, How beautiful that plaid runner is in your dining room. I have been wanting to use plaid in my Christmas decorating for a couple of years now, but I have put off investing in more decorative items. The tartan is such a rich plaid to use. The addition of the ribbon to the placemats was a lovely way to use more of the plaid and tie the table together. I love the greenery and pinecones added to the plates, just a perfect little addition! Wishing you and your family a blessed and happy Christmas!

    1. Thanks Chloe! I love using plaid at Christmas and have been keeping my eyes open for even more pieces. Thanks again for hosting this lovely blog hop and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas!

  11. So pretty Shelley. I love the traditional yet updated use of red, green AND blue. Your walls are lovely and incorporating them into your table setting is brilliant. I also like the natural use of pinecones and velvet ribbon. So pretty. it is always a pleasure to blog hop with you and I want to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

    1. Thanks so much, Kari! I’m glad you like my color combination. I’m always looking for ways to work navy into my decor. Have a wonderful holiday season!

  12. I love your plaid runner and the plaid on your place mats with the nave. So classic and beautiful. That’s a great solution for the centerpiece with the ornaments. It’s fun to hop with you again.

    1. Thanks Andrea! I was definitely going for a classic look so I’m glad you liked it. Great hopping with you!

  13. Ha – I never would have thought of patriotic if you hadn’t said – you did a wonderful job in avoiding that color impression! 🙂 The whole table is so lovely, and I especially like the way you striped the placemats! What a fabulous idea! Hope you’re having a good first week of December – thanks for all the inspiration!

    1. Thanks Barbara! I guess all the greenery helps avoid the patriotic look but it could have easily gone in that direction. Glad you liked it. Thanks again and have a wonderful holiday season!

  14. Shelley, Your dining room is stunning! Whether you are in your kitchen or dining room your tablescapes are always creative and beautiful.
    I love your china and how you styled the plate stack. Using pinecones, greenery and ribbon added color and complimented the texture of the wicker chargers. Your pretty plaid runner picked up your colors perfectly! Candlesticks, greenery, and a bowl of ornaments made a lovely and elegant centerpiece.
    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!

  15. Shelley, your table is classic and elegant! This is a look you can enjoy all winter, even after Christmas. Putting the tartan ribbon around your placemats was so clever! It makes them look high end and coordinates so well with your runner. Your navy dining room looks welcoming and inviting! It was fun hopping with you. Have a wonderful holiday season 🙂

    1. Thank you Rebecca! Now that our dining room is all decorated, maybe we’ll use it more! Thanks again and I hope you have a happy and healthy holiday season!

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