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Holiday Week Day Trip to Pennsylvania

Our week between Christmas and New Year’s has been filled with all kinds of friend and family activities.

My dear friends who moved to South Carolina were in town for the week.  Of course, we made sure we got together with them as much as possible.

Yesterday, we had a mom and kids’ day in the town of Lahaska, Pennsylvania.  We spent the day there in a wonderful shopping village called Peddler’s Village.

It was a perfect day – sunny and not too chilly.  Since we were visiting with kids, we spent a good portion of the day in Giggleberry Fair

which is an indoor playground.

One of their favorite attractions is the “Mountain”.

It’s a huge 4 story climbing, sliding, ball throwing crazy place!

Here are some of the crazy contraptions that shoot balls in the air.  The kids could have spent all day in there….well, they practically did!

There is also an indoor carousel.

And a great arcade area.

After hours of playing and eating in Giggleberry, we headed over to the toy store.

After convincing the kids they got enough toys from Christmas, we had to drag them out of there.  Needless to say, they were happy again when we stopped for ice cream!

We walked through the village.

And finished our ice cream in line for the gazebo.

Each year they enclose this gazebo

and fill it with a gingerbread house competition/display.

The entries were amazing!

Check out the scene from “A Christmas Story”!

And this adorable Disney World one!

How perfect is that?

Gotta love the beach theme!

And one of the kids’ favorites!

And this week, we cannot forget Times Square!

(In fact, all the entries put our gingerbread train attempt to shame!

I don’t think we will be entering any contests soon!)

The kids also had a great time running around the complex.

And checking out some of the outdoor animals.

I enjoyed checking out the holiday decorations.

Love the fruit.

And the flower shop always has some great decor!

I would have taken more pictures inside but the kids were getting a bit rambunctious at that point!

As the sun set, lights were glowing everywhere.

Every building was lit up.

As we drove away, we wished we had more time to walk through to see more lights.

But since we had spent close to 9 hours there playing and shopping and eating, we decided we would leave on a positive note before anyone started getting cranky! (Including the adults!)

We all had a wonderful day and can’t wait to go back again!

Have you been to any charming outdoor shopping villages?

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  1. Looks like a great day! We were there Thursday evening. First we went to Byers Choice in Chalfont. The displays were adorable. Worth the visit – even if you are not a collector of the carolers. Then we ate at Peddlers Village, visited a few shops, and saw the gingerbread display. The houses were amazing. Wish we had more time there.

  2. How pretty! I have never even heard of this town in PA, must be an eastern town? Looks amazing and I adore the architecture. :)Nine hours! Wow! I am so impressed! My family poops out on family outings after a few hours it seems. Looks like a perfect place to spend time with friends and make lots of memories.Thanks for inviting me over to check it out.xoxoxAlison Happy New Year!

  3. Sending you the Happiest New Year Wishes Ever my friend. I look forward to many more wonderful visits with you in 2012 xoAlways Wendy

  4. This looks like one charming shopping village…the kids place was really awesome! Happy New Year to you and your family.Blessings,Linda

  5. Looks like a fun break! Glad you got to spend time with your family. Happy New Year to you, and thanks so much for the comments on my blog. I'm gonna need another vacation just to recover from this one. xo

  6. Wow, what a fun destination. Anything that works for the kids and you actually enjoy it too, is good in my book! Happy 2012! liz

  7. Wow, that place looks like such a fun place for kids! I love the one with the balls–that looks like something even I would consider a blast!

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