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Celebrating Spring – A Simple Tablescape with Flowers

Even though we’ve basically had an uneventful winter here in New Jersey, I’m always excited to welcome spring each year!  So to celebrate spring, today I’m sharing a simple tablescape with flowers.  I’m also joining a wonderful group of bloggers for a Spring Tablescape Blog Hop hosted by the talented Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate.  Please be sure to visit the links at the end of this post for tons of spring tablescape ideas from 25 bloggers!

If you are just arriving from White Arrows Home, Welcome!  I love Kristin’s cozy style and how she decorates her beautiful home in the Northwoods.  

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A Simple Spring Tablescape with Flowers:

table centerpiece with spring flowers in galvanized containers

similar galvanized milk can  /  similar galvanized buckets

If you’re like me, when you think of spring…you think of flowers!  Luckily, you can usually find a beautiful selection of flowers in the grocery stores these days.  There’s really no need to spend a lot to make a pretty arrangement.

For my centerpiece, I purchased a few white hydrangeas and combined them with a simple mixed flower bouquet.  Since, I was going for a casual farmhouse look for my table, I used my galvanized milk can to hold the flowers.  Then I just I placed small galvanized buckets with faux plants on either side of the flower arrangement.  Hopefully you agree that the galvanized containers also give a flower garden vibe to the table setting.

Spring flowers in galvanized container

similar galvanized milk can

To continue with the casual flower garden feel, I anchored my centerpiece with a window-pane mirror.

Spring flowers in metal container

The mirror reflects the light and the colors from the floral arrangement.  Plus, I think the window panes give the feel of looking outside to a garden…

Spring table in white kitchen

To keep things light and bright, I used blue and white placemats.  In my opinion, the stripes bring in a cabana-like beachy vibe.  Plus, I love combining blue and white with green in the spring!  In the background, you might notice that I’ve added some other blue and white accessories to my kitchen too.

Wine glass on spring table

To continue with the galvanized metal accessories, I used my metal charger plates underneath my white plates.

Spring Placesetting with blue and white striped placemat

similar galvanized charger plates  /  similar navy striped placemats

Besides the flower centerpiece, I also featured flowers on each of the place settings…

Floral napkin on blue and green spring place setting

cabbage salad plate  /  similar porcelain dinnerware

As you can see, I put a different hand embroidered flower napkin on each place setting.  These napkins are very special to me since they were a gift from my mother-in-law who we lost this past summer.  She embroidered the napkins when my husband was a baby and I feel honored to have them in my possession.  If you want to see how I decorated with them last year, see my vintage Valentine’s vignettes.

Even though my embroidered napkins are one of a kind, I found these beautiful napkins are similar.

Spring tablescape in white kitchen

similar burlap table runner

In the photo above, you can see another window pane mirror hanging on the wall.  Originally, I bought two mirrors thinking that I would hang them somewhere together but I changed my mind.  Luckily, I came up with the idea to use one for my flower centerpiece…because returning purchases is one of my least favorite things to do!  Sometimes, it’s fun to re-purpose things in an unconventional way anyway.

spring flower centerpiece on a mirror

Windowpane mirror – Homegoods

Plus, I think the mirror adds interest to an otherwise simple spring tablescape!

spring tablescape from above

Happy almost-spring everyone!

Spring flowers in white kitchen

Hopefully, I inspired you with ideas to create your own simple spring tablescape with flowers!  If you are looking for another option for a spring table, be sure to pop over and see how I decorated an Easter table with spring tulips.  In addition, check out my latest post demonstrating 3 ways to make your own napkin rings – perfect for spring!

Once again, thank you to Chloe from Celebrate and Decorate for hosting.  If you are following along in order, her stop on the tour is next!

Please also visit the rest of the participants on the Spring Tablescape Blog Hop from the list below…

spring tablescape blog hop


Have you started decorating your home for spring?

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simple spring tablescape with flowers


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    1. Thanks, Carole! I’m happy to hear you like my mirror centerpiece…a window looking out to the garden is exactly the feel I wanted from this!

  1. Shelley, I think the mirrored window makes a lovely statement for your spring bouquets. I really like the blue and green mix for spring. Your table looks springy fresh for meals. It is always a pleasure to hop with you and join you at your table. Happy March!

    1. Thanks so much, Pam! I can’t wait until I can see greenery and flowers out my real windows! Happy March to you!

    1. Thanks, Jeannie! I love lightening things up in my home this time of year. Thanks again and enjoy your day!

  2. Wonderful centerpiece Shelly! I love the galvanized can perched on the mirrored window, that’s bringing the outside in! The embroidered floral napkins from your MIL are beautiful…I always enjoy your simple but elegant tables in your beautiful kitchen, just lovely!

    1. Thank you, Jenna! I’m craving warm spring weather so it made sense to try to create that feeling inside. Thanks again for your sweet comment!

  3. I love the simplicity of your Spring Table. The centerpiece using the mirror window is very pretty. I agree with you that the grocery store has really upped their game with pretty flowers at reasonable prices! Your embroidered floral napkins are beautiful! It is always nice to visit your home. Happy Spring!

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment! Yes, the grocery stores really do have a great selection of flowers these days. No need to spend a lot of money for a centerpiece! Thanks again for stopping by and happy spring!

  4. Shelley you’re creativity constantly inspires me! I love it all—the flowers, vintage napkins, use of the mirror, colors in the placemats, the combination of plates—it gives me all the spring feels. Sorry about the loss of your mother-in-law and what a great way to honor her legacy by displaying those napkins. Hugs from this Grandma in Waco!

    1. Diane, you are always so sweet…thank you so much! Yes, I feel honored to have those napkins. We won’t actually use them because they are so special but I love displaying them where we can enjoy them and remember her. Thanks for your kind words and for always being so supportive. Have a great week!

  5. In my opinion, nothing brightens a room like fresh flowers, and your centerpiece is gorgeous! Happy to be “hopping” with you again, Shelley! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. Thanks Karen! I thought the metal gave a casual garden vibe. Glad you liked them – thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh wow, Shelley, that bird’s eye view of your centerpiece and table settings is gorgeous! It makes the centerpiece appears all as one unit – lovely. I love the napkins, and what a tender nod to your MIL and a first spring season without her. Little touches like that really inspire me in my love of vintage wares. They look perfect with your smart use of the modern china and the farm feel in the galvanized elements on the table. Happy March to you!

    1. Thank you, Rita! Yes, those napkins are extra special to us now. My mother in law always loved the warmer weather too. Thanks again for your sweet comment and great hopping with you!

  7. Yes, I do like the interest the window pane adds to your centerpiece and table. I love the galvanized chargers and flower containers. I had to sit on my hands not to buy any chargers last fall.
    Your MIL’s embroidered napkins are a treasure. I used to do embroidery and wish napkins were available to embroider now. I don’t see them anymore. They add such charm to your table.
    Your simple and elegant tablescape is lovely.

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment, Bonnie! I didn’t even realize they made napkins specifically for embroidering…shows what I know! I’m flattered that you liked how my table turned out! Enjoy your week!

  8. Wow I do like the mirror for your centerpiece and those florals are beautiful! Love the blue and white striped place mats and the dish stack. I really appreciate the napkins and the fact that your mother in-law embroidered them makes them all that more special. Come on Spring we know you can do it!

    1. Yes…come on spring! Thanks for your kind words, Liz. I’m definitely cherishing those napkins. Enjoy your week!

  9. Shelley, your centerpiece is gorgeous and welcomes spring beautifully! Your table looks so elegant, and I love the windowed mirror. Happy March!!!

    1. Thanks Shannon! It’s always fun to try items in a new way, isn’t it? Happy March to you too!

  10. Pretty spring table and before I read what you said about the napkins I was saying those are my favorite part. How sweet to have those made by your mother in law’s hands.

    1. Thank you, Kim! Yes, those napkins are so special to us! Thanks for swinging by – Happy March!

  11. Wonderful tablescape and beautiful floral arrangement! You’ll cherish those special napkins forever. Visiting from Tuesday Turn About.

  12. Shelley, I love your table with the charming farmhouse style charm of the galvanized metal elements. Such a pretty, unique centerpiece with the mirror window frame. What a clever idea! Always a pleasure to blog hop with you.

    1. Thanks Debbee! It’s always fun to try pieces in a different way…glad you liked the centerpiece. Fun hopping with you again!

  13. Happy almost Spring to you also! I agree with the previous comments about your window pane mirror. It’s like having some of the outdoors inside especially with the pretty flowers in the galvanized pails. Thank you for sharing the view into your kitchen, it’s all so pretty. Always a pleasure hopping with you!

    1. Thank you, Sandra! I can’t wait until the weather gets warmer so I can open some real windows and really bring the outside in! Great hopping with you too!

  14. Wonderful spring table Shelley. The overhead shot is amazing! The plate stack is lovely and those napkins made by your M-l-L are beautiful and such a keepsake. Such a pretty farmhouse look for spring. Always a pleasure joining you on these fun hops.

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! Yes, we are definitely cherishing those special napkins! Thanks again and great to hop with you again!

  15. This table is so beautifully done! That window with the mirror is the perfect centerpiece for this table, it perfectly ties in each of the elements and makes it stand out! Such a creative Idea, and it works just perfect! You did a wonderful job and wishing you a very happy season!

    1. Thanks so much, Kristin! It’s always fun to try new things for a centerpiece isn’t it? Happy spring to you!

  16. This table is just gorgeous, Shelley! The galvanized milk can sets off your beautiful flowers so well. I love your idea of using the glass pane under your centerpiece, too. (Like you, I hate returning things, too!) What’s most special are those delicate embroidered napkins. What a wonderful tribute to your late mother-in-law. Those immediately caught my eye. Happy Spring, my friend!

    1. Thanks so much, Crissy! Yes, isn’t returning things a pain? For some reason, I always seem to lose the receipt somewhere. Then once I find it, I scramble to return the item before the last day allowed. Such a pain! I’m glad you like the napkins. It was bittersweet using them on my table and I hope she was looking down at me knowing I was thinking of her. Thanks again and happy spring to you, dear!

  17. Shelley, I am such a fan of bold bright stripes as in your placemats. It truly makes a lovely Spring statement for your table along with your gorgeous fresh floral centerpiece on mirrored glass. The casualness of the galvanized steel pots, burlap and the delicate floral napkins really gently reminds us of the loveliness of Spring. So sweet. Happy Spring, Shelley.

    1. Thank you, Marsha! I’m a big stripe fan too…I think they remind me of cabanas and patio umbrellas… yes, I love the warmer months! Thanks again for your kind words and happy spring to you!

  18. I love the window mirror as the base of your centerpiece, great way to use it! I am also loving your galvanized tins for your pretty flowers. Your embroidered napkins make each place setting special. I hope you have a wonderful Spring🍀

  19. Shelley, I’m so glad you kept both of the windowpane mirrors. Great to use one of them as a tray on the table. The galvanized buckets are perfect for holding your beautiful flowers. Of course, I love the blue and white stripes runner. Great design.

    1. Thanks Carol! Yes, we do love our blue and white, don’t we?!! I’m glad you like the mirror…always fun to try things in a different way. Enjoy your weekend!

  20. Those galvanized milk cans are too cute!! Love the embroidery napkins too. I used to do lots of embroidery, but sadly, I have not time for it anymore, I can see all the work she put on them, beautiful designs, they are a treasure!

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle! Looking forward to seeing all the latest inspiration! Thanks again for featuring my spring table!

  21. It may have taken me nearly a week, but here I am! Such a lovely table! The use of the mirrored window is brilliant! That gives the illusion that you have twice as many flowers and the pretty greenery than you actually have. I agree with you, blue and white stripes always remind me of cabanas by the sea or a pool…absolutely dreaming of warmer days! Those napkins are beautiful! I have been eyeing some embroidered monogram ones, myself! Thanks so much for joining in again and Happy Spring!

  22. Happy Spring, Shelley! You have created such a beautiful table to welcome spring! It is simple, yet elegant. I love how you used the windowpane mirror as part of the centerpiece. I am so sorry for the loss of your mother in law. What beautiful keepsakes your embroidered flower napkins are. So wonderful to be on this blog hop with you!

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