Autumn Porch Decor – How to Keep it Simple

Have you started decorating your front porch for fall?  Well, if you’re looking for ideas, you’re in luck!  Today, I’m sharing my autumn porch decor with tips to keep it simple.  

In addition to my ideas, I’m also joining 9 other bloggers for “There’s No Place Like Home” Autumn Blog Hop!  This week, we’re all sharing our fall wreath and door decor.  Then, over the next several weeks we’ll continue to share even more ideas to celebrate fall.  Please be sure to visit my blogger friends listed at the end of this post for some lovely fall inspiration!

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Mini Pumpkins over black door with fall wreath - Autumn Porch Decor

Before I share the details on my fall front porch,  I want to thank Rachelle from My Hubbard Home for hosting this series of fall blog hops.  Rachelle is so creative and today she’s sharing a beautiful DIY wreath and some easy seasonal porch decor.  So, please be sure to swing by and say hello!

If you are just arriving from The Painted Apron…Welcome!  Wasn’t that a cute idea for an autumn door decoration? 

Also, please remember to visit the rest of the bloggers listed at the end of this post for more fall wreath and door ideas!

Autumn Blog Hop


As I mentioned, today I’m sharing my Autumn Porch Decor with ways to keep it simple:

Even though we’re not expecting many guests these days, it’s always fun to decorate a festive fall porch.  In my opinion, there’s no need to go crazy with elaborate decorations.  For my porch, I like to keep it simple with a few seasonal items.

Autumn Porch Decor with Pumpkins:

One of the easiest ways to decorate a fall porch is to add some pumpkins. 

In fact, I’ve never decorated an autumn porch without pumpkins!

Autumn Porch Decor - Simple and Festive Ideas

Since my front door is black, orange pumpkins really stand out on my porch. 

This year, I threw in a few white ones too.  As Halloween approaches, we’ll be carving up some of the pumpkins and turning them into Jack-O-Lanterns.  That is, if the deer don’t get them first!  If you want to see how I transitioned my porch decor to Halloween last year, check out – From Fall to Halloween on the Porch.

Not only do I love to decorate my porch with pumpkins, but I also love adding the mini pumpkins to the ledge above the door! 

This is one of the simplest ways to give a festive fall look to my front door.  Every year, my neighbors mention how much they love this look.  Though, I can’t take the credit since I “borrowed” the idea from an Instagram friend.  

Black front door with orange fall wreath and mini pumpkins above

Autumn Porch Decor – A Black Background.

If your door is black, a colorful wreath really stands out.

When choosing your porch decorating colors, it’s always helpful to consider the background. 

Autumn Porch Decor with pumpkins and mums

For a cohesive look, carry the black to other areas.

As you can see, my large urns are black and so are the glass lanterns.  All the black accents make the colorful pieces feel more grounded.

Add Simple Festive Touches to the Autumn Porch Decor:

This year, instead of using candles, I filled my lanterns with mini pumpkins!

In the past, I’ve seen other bloggers do this and I love the look.  Plus, the mini pumpkins in the lanterns coordinate with the mini pumpkins above the door.  In addition, I had some black and white gingham ribbon so I tied simple bows on each lantern.

Autumn Porch Decor - Lantern filled with mini pumpkins

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Autumn Porch Decor Essentials – Mums!

If you want to keep your porch decor simple yet seasonal, mums are the way to go.

After all, you can find mums in practically every farm stand, home improvement store or grocery store this time of year. 

Yellow Mums on Autumn Front Porch

Plus, mums are inexpensive, they come in a variety of colors and you can make them last through Thanksgiving if you’re lucky.  Of course, I am not usually lucky.  Between the deer and my black thumb, I’m thankful if my mums last through Halloween! 

But each year, I try…maybe this will be my lucky year!  Then again, 2020 hasn’t been lucky for anything else!

Autumn Porch Decor Ideas with Mums and Pumpkins

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So, I’ll enjoy my autumn porch decor while it lasts.  We all have to live in the moment these days, don’t we?

And when I walk down the stairs each morning, I get to see my cute little pumpkins in the transom window…a reminder to appreciate the “little” things.

Mini Pumpkins above front door for fall

Hopefully, I inspired you with my fall porch decorating ideas!

Now, let’s continue with the fall wreath and door decor! 

If you’re following along in order, Celebrate and Decorate is next on the list.  Chloe is so talented and I’m sure you will love how she decorated her beautiful front door for fall. Also, please be sure to visit the rest of the blogs listed below!

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What are your plans for your autumn porch decor?


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Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Porch for Fall


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  1. Shelley, you have decorated your front door just perfect for fall. The lush fall leaves wreath stands out on your black door, and those tiny pumpkins displayed above your door are cute as can be! Pumpkins tucked into the little black lanterns nestled among pumpkins and mums is true fall with a tiny nod toward Halloween! It is great to hop with you!

  2. hi Shelley! Your front entry looks lovely! I am a pumpkin lover too, and you can’t ever have too many! The mini pumpkins look so cute in the transom, and the wreath of colorful fall leaves looks fabulous on your black front door! Beautiful!

  3. Shelley, the vibrant wreath looks great against the black door as do all the other pumpkins and yellow mums. I always have trouble with keeping my mums around, but we don’t have a deer problem !

    Thanks for sharing your porch autumn dressed us for fall.

  4. Shelley, thanks for all the great tips! Your door and porch look great! I especially love those mini pumpkins in the window panes above — so clever and fun! And, they’ll look great through Thanksgiving even if the mums don’t last. I’m never able to get my mums until turkey day either. I blame it on the weather here in Pittsburgh. It happens even if I cover them during hard frosts. You just can’t mess with Mother Nature, lol!

  5. Shelley that is so darling! I love those little pumpkins over the door, and your white pumpkins are so pretty. Thanks for the link to your door mat – I’m not sure how I lived without that for so long!

    You definitely inspired me, and I’m so happy to be hopping with you again this week!

  6. Your porch looks so pretty for fall and it’s perfect for welcoming guests to your home. Every time I see the pumpkins above your door, I’m reminded of the beautiful Ardmore Inn in Woodstock, Vermont.

  7. Count me among the fans who love the mini pumpkins on a ledge idea! It’s so charming! I’m wondering it I can talk my husband into adding a ledge over our front door so I can do this too!!! xo

  8. I finally have a moment to visit all of the posts from last week and I thought I had commented, but I don’t see it, so if this is a duplicate, feel free to delete! Maybe it is just because I spent so much time looking at your post last week, Shelley! I love the lush look of the fall leaves wreath, it is so full and fluffy! I think I remember seeing you do those pumpkins like that last year, it is so cute! My daughter has a similar window over her door, so when I got up here to Maryland, I was looking right away to see if I could duplicate the look, but alas, she doesn’t have a ledge like you! Looking forward to all of the posts this week! Happy Fall!!

    1. Thanks so much, Chloe! Every now and then I have issues with comments on my blog and when I leave comments on others…who knows why? I’m happy to hear you like my mini pumpkin idea. I’ve been displaying them up there these past few years and they always bring a smile to my face. Too bad your daughter doesn’t have a ledge! Oh well, I’m sure you worked tons of your magic on her home anyway! Thanks again!

  9. ********************************************************
    Thank you for sharing at #OverTheMoon. Pinned and shared. Have a lovely week. I hope to see you at next week’s party too! Please stay safe and healthy. Come party with us at Over The Moon! Catapult your content Over The Moon! @marilyn_lesniak @EclecticRedBarn

  10. Your porch is fall fabulous Shelley. I just loved it. Thank you for sharing at Charming Homes and Gardens.

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