Pretty Blue Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas to Try

Have you started decorating for Christmas yet?  If you’re like me, you’re still in the planning stage while you get ready for Thanksgiving.  So, if you’re looking for ideas…and you love the color blue, come get inspired by my blue Christmas tree decorating ideas!

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Blue Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas to Try this Year:

Come get inspired…

Red and navy blue Christmas tree decorating ideas

Decorating with Blue for Christmas:

If you’re like me, you love trying different color schemes when decorating for Christmas…

Lately, we’ve been putting up three trees which gives me room to experiment with colors.  Since I have plenty of navy blue throughout my home, I’ve enjoyed coordinating my foyer and dining room Christmas trees in that color.

In the living room, I have to appease the family with the live tree decorated with all the traditional Christmas colors and decorations.  You know…the homemade ornaments, the special ornaments from our travels, our gifted ornaments, photo ornaments and basically anything that has meaning to our family.  Oh, and did I mention, my family insists on colored lights for the family tree… 

Needless to say, today we’ll focus on the blue Christmas trees in the foyer and dining room…

Blue Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas – Foyer:

Since the foyer sets the tone for the rest of the house, it’s a great place to put a Christmas tree. 

Plus, it’s the perfect place to introduce your holiday color scheme!

Coordinate the Tree with a Rug or Existing Decor:

Last Christmas, I decorated my foyer Christmas tree with colors from my area rug.  Since my rug is mostly navy blue, I kept the blue on the tree to a minimum.  To keep it all bright and festive, I focused more on gold ornaments with blue accents and plenty of gold ribbon to tie it all together.

Foyer with Christmas tree matched to rug and door basket - blue Christmas tree decorating ideas

When we turned on the white Christmas lights, the gold bells and shiny gold ribbon really sparkled!  Sometimes when using gold ribbon, you get more of a “glam” look but I think I was able to tone that down with the bells.  They’re a bit rustic and each one is hung by a loop of natural fiber.

Use Ribbon to Make a Statement:

If you want to coordinate colors without buying all new Christmas decorations, just change your ribbon each year.  As I mentioned, the gold ribbon really stood out against the tree…but that’s not the only place I added ribbon…

Seagrass basket with navy blue plaid bow filled with Christmas tree greenery

On the inside of my front door, I hung my large seagrass basket with a blue plaid bow to coordinate with the room.  All I did, was fill the basket with leftover tree clippings and I was done.  If you don’t have access to fresh greens, then just go with faux greenery.  You don’t need to worry about falling needles anyway! 

Then, I added more of the same bows to my staircase garland to pull the colors together.  For some reason, I don’t seem to have any pictures of the garland with the bows.  Though, I think I added them after I took these photos.

Anyway, between the gold ribbon and the blue plaid ribbon, I was able to coordinate the whole foyer for Christmas.  With the Christmas tree as the focal point, the blue color scheme set the tone for the rest of my Christmas decor.

Gold and blue Christmas tree decorations

Elegant Blue Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas – Dining Room:

Just steps from my foyer, you’ll find my navy blue dining room. 

Obviously, another perfect place to add a blue decorated Christmas tree!

Navy dining room with blue Christmas tree decorating ideas

Classic Blue and White Ornaments:

Now, in the dining room, I decorated my tree with classic blue and white ornaments. Actually, I used more white ornaments than blue ornaments.  With the dark background of my navy blue walls, I wanted more white to stand out and brighten things up.

This time, I also added some splashes of red.  When I decorate with this color combination, I’m always careful not to overdo the red.  After all, you don’t want your blue and white Christmas tree looking too patriotic!  Luckily, all the Christmas greenery also helped balance it all out.

Navy dining room with Christmas tree in corner - blue Christmas tree decorating ideas

Small Bows in Place of Large Ribbon:

Rather than wrapping the tree with a large wired ribbon, this time I made a bunch of small blue and white gingham bows.  In this case, the bows also acted as ornaments and coordinated with the rest of the blue and white theme.

Mix High End Ornaments with Inexpensive Ornaments:

When I say “high end”, I don’t mean I spent a ridiculous amount of money on ornaments but I did spend more than I normally would.  First, I found some lovely blue and white porcelain ornaments and some beautiful blue and white ball ornaments from Ballard Design.  With those, I mixed in some dollar store snowflakes, clusters of red berries from craft stores and some standard glass ball ornaments.

white and blue Christmas tree decorations

exact ginger jar ornament / exact blue chinoiserie ornament

To see more details on this tree, along with a Christmas house tour, read – Classic and Cozy Christmas House Tour.

Red and Blue Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas – Cozy Plaid:

Classic colors for a traditional room…

Even though I love decorating with blue and white, I didn’t use any white on my favorite blue Christmas tree from a couple years ago.  That time, I decorated with lots of plaid blue ribbon for a Ralph Lauren inspired look.

Red and blue traditional Christmas tree in corner - blue Christmas tree decorating ideas

For this tree, I basically decorated in all red and blue and I loved how it turned out.  For the tree topper, I just tied a bright red velvet bow which stood out perfectly against the navy blue walls.  Velvet and plaid…so cozy together.

Decorate with Blue Presents and Tree Skirt:

Not only did I decorate with blue on the tree, but I used it below as well.  For my tree skirt, I just bunched up a navy blue cable knit blanket and then I covered it with red and blue plaid wrapped gifts.  Somehow, I found blue plaid wrapping paper that was almost an exact match to the blue plaid ribbon on the tree.

Bring out the Blue Willow Plates or Other Blue Accessories:

When I decorated my china cabinet, I made sure I displayed my blue willow plates to coordinate with the tree.  Repeating the same colors in the room really gives a cohesive look for Christmas…or anytime.

red and blue christmas tree decorating ideas

exact plaid ribbon

Coordinate the Christmas Table in Blue:

Just like with my blue and white tree, I carried the color scheme from my plaid tree to my table setting.  On the placemats, I even added a strip of the plaid ribbon to coordinate with the tree.

Christmas table settings with white china and navy napkins

Since white dishes go with everything, I just basically added some navy blue napkins, some greenery and some glass Christmas ornaments to match the tree.

China cabinet and Christmas tree in dining room

To see even more photos and details of this tree, read – Red and Blue Christmas Tree in the Dining Room.

Blue Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas – The Takeaways:

  • Carry blues from your rugs or existing furnishings onto your tree.
  • Buy new ribbons to complement ornaments you already own.
  • Make ornament bows out of blue ribbon.
  • Mix in blue and white higher end ornaments with inexpensive ones.
  • Coordinate a blue table setting with your tree.
  • Display your blue plates or blue and white porcelain in the room with your tree.
  • Use a blue blanket as a tree skirt and cover it with wrapped presents…in blue patterns of course!

Sure, these takeaways could be used with any color combination.  Though sometimes, it’s helpful to see all the ideas at once to get your creative juices flowing!

Thanks for stopping by to check out my blue Christmas tree decorating! 

Hopefully, you found some ideas you can use in your home!

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Blue Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas


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  1. Oh I just love all these touches of blue! Blue is my favorite color and I tend to have lots of blue ornaments. I’m planning to put up three trees this year and hoping to make one blue and silver and white with lots of snowflakes and snowmen.

    1. Thanks Joanne! I love the idea of blue and silver – I haven’t done that one yet! Enjoy the decorating!

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