Cabinet Hardware and the Latest Dilemma

The new cabinet hardware was installed recently.  Yay, no more grabbing a piece of blue painters tape to open a cabinet!

These are the Voss pulls in brushed nickel from Top Knobs.  I chose to use pulls on all the drawers and solid doors.  I chose knobs for the glass cabinets, the corner lazy-susan and the cabinets under the sink.

We still need to add a drawer pull to the empty drawer on the right.  I debated on putting two but settled on one.  That will probably get done today.

Top Knobs

I love the way the brushed nickel looks with the stainless steel and the granite.

And the island, although I like the brushed nickel against the white better.

Overall, everything worked out except for one little dilemma…

See these three cabinets above?  At the moment, the center door without the hardware opens from the corner out towards the right.  Originally, it was designed to open in the opposite direction toward the left but it arrived wrong.

It’s no problem for my contractor to switch the hinges so it opens to the left but I can’t decide whether I should do it or not.  If it opens to the left, we will have to add a door stopper to the hinge so the door doesn’t smash into the cabinet on the left.  Plus the door will not be able quite as wide as it does now.  The way the door hangs now, it could potentially hit the door on the right but only if both of them were open at the same time.  Not very likely that would happen.

So basically, I have to decide between which would look better…Does it make more sense having the door handle on the left (leaving the door to open to the right) or having the door handle on the right (switching the door so it opens left)?

Here is another shot so you can see the rest of the upper cabinets in that area.

So what do you think?

Door handle on the left 

or door handle on the right?

As always, I value your opinions!

You can guess that my brain is fried by now…

Thank you!


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  1. That's a tough one. I was going to suggest changing both the cabinet without the handle and one to the right and make them the same, both open right, but then realized after seeing the last picture that it would throw off the symmetry with the matching cabinet flanking the other side of the hood. So, I would say change and open to the left to keep the flow.

  2. I vote for symmetry first, then practicality. Here, I would go with the right for symmetry, but also it would worry me to reach into the corner each time I opened that cabinet. Do you really think you'll need a stopper? I ran out of knobs and pulls for my entire house, and we just slapped up anything. My brain is reno-fried, too.:-)

  3. Door handle to the right for Symmetry because it looks so lovely to view your backsplash area and the right placement of hardware will enhance that. You wont need a stopper it should be fine, unless the boys are swinging the door open- LOL! K

  4. I have to agree with the other ladies. I think I would have to have symmetrical or it would drive me crazy. Your kitchen looks beautiful.

  5. Thanks ladies! Symmetry it is! Just spoke to my contractor and he will change it so the handle is on the right. You're right, it really makes more sense that way. Thanks again!

  6. I'm late to the game but I read the comments and isn't it wonderful to have such support when it comes to questions like this? Sometimes it really helps to hear from others especially when you've been making tons of other decorating decisions already. It's looking fabulous too! You did a great job Shelley.xoLeslie

  7. Shelley your kitchen came together beautifully!! Love the knobs and pulls you chose. I am such a visual person, I can't vote on the cabinet unless I saw it in person, I am so weird like that. Either way you have an absolute ton of cabinet storage!! You must be so excited!

  8. I agree that symmetry would be my first choice. Your kitchen is coming together so nicely. Love the hardware you chose – very nice! Enjoy

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