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‘Something’s Gotta Give’ – Why We Love This Movie

Apparently, I’m the last home-design-loving-blogger on the planet to finally see the classic movie, Something’s Gotta Give!

The other night I watched it on demand and loved it!  Sure, I knew that I would swoon over that gorgeous Hamptons house, but I’m always hesitant to invest any precious time in a movie.  Practically every night, I scroll my through DVR saving movies to my “favorite” file but I rarely go ahead and watch them.  But this time I did and it was so worth it!!

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Something’s Gotta Give – So Much to Love…

Blue and white living room from Something's Gotta Give movie

source – Architectural Digest

The Timeless Beach House from Something’s Gotta Give:

Seriously, how many times have you drooled over house photos from the movie?

Even before I watched Something’s Gotta Give, I was familiar with the timeless living room.  From the iconic blue and white striped rug, to the slipcovered furniture and dark wood pieces, the room has become a favorite for so many.  And that kitchen!  When someone says, “Hamptons beach house”, that’s what I picture in my mind.  In fact, when remodeling my own kitchen, I was influenced by the classic coastal style.

You know, Something’s Gotta Give was made in 2003 and I wouldn’t change a thing in that house.  Of all the Nancy Meyers movies, this house is probably my favorite.  It truly is timeless…and so is the movie!

The Perfect Something’s Gotta Give Cast:

In my opinion, no one else could have played the lead roles better than Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton.  Those parts just had to be written for them – so perfect!  The humor was laugh out loud funny at times – (loved the Viagra in the hospital part) and the story-line was sweet and just so engaging…all set in a beautiful place.  What more could you want in a movie?  This has definitely made it to my list of favorite movies to see.  Now I understand what all they hype was about!

And don’t even get me started on Keanu Reeves…sigh…I basically love him in every single part he has ever played.  So cute, and charming, and did I mention cute?  He is one of those people that if I met in real life, I would just die.  Pass out…fall down, hit my head and have to be taken to the emergency room!  If you remember, he played a doctor in this movie so of course he would have to be in that emergency room to take care of me…so then I would just pass out again.  Yeah, I love Keanu Reeves…

Anyway, what was I talking about?…

Oh yeah…the timeless decor from the movie…

Furniture and Decor from Something’s Gotta Give:

Now I understand why the house/movie set has been a design inspiration for so many.  I loved every room and practically went back to rewind parts just to get a better look at the classic furniture!

Diane Keaton and classic desk in window - from Somethings Gotta Give movie

source – Architectural Digest

While we’re talking classic, don’t you just love Diane Keaton’s wardrobe in the movie?  The khakis, the cute white tops and that iconic white turtleneck she wore on the beach with Jack Nicholson…classic beach chic, for sure!

In my own home, I’ve decorated some areas in that Something’s Gotta Give style.  For instance, Diane Keaton’s desk is very similar to the one I planned on buying for my office.  Here is the one I ended up with…

Desk and blue and white striped rug - inspired by Diane Keaton Somethings Gotta Give movie

Mine is a bit darker, but you can see by this post here – Desk Shopping that my original idea was to go with a similar look to hers.

Notice the blue and white stripes in my rug?…I think I must have been subconsciously copying the Something’s Gotta Give house!  Between the dark wood of the desk, the creamy colored walls, the striped rug…

White Slipcovered chair with blue pillows

And the white slipcovered chair, I practically live in the Something’s Gotta Give house!
Yeah, I wish…

Now, if I could just work on that ocean view…
Oh, and Keanu Reeves…

Shop the Something’s Gotta Give Look:

More Hamptons Style Inspiration:

Are you a fan of Something’s Gotta give?

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  1. I love the design on that movie…I cant believe you just saw the movie…that's something I would do too….we always see things after the fact…

  2. Loved that movie! Haven't seen it in a couple of years so now I am going to add it to my watch list too. I just watched another one of my "house love" movies last weekend, It's Complicated. Have a great weekend, Shelley!!

  3. You definitely have "Something's Gotta Give" style Shelley! The blue & white stripes, light walls, and touches of blue! I love that movie too.

  4. Ok you've got me! I've never seen this movie so now I think I have to watch it too. The furniture was beautiful.. I especially loved the grandmother clock on the wall!

  5. I have never seen that movie. Also haven't seen It's Complicated. I always study the design of the houses in movies and television shows.

  6. It is a fantastic movie . . . and I've ALWAYS loved Keanu. From Bill and Ted to Point Break to Dracula and don't forget Speed . . . THE MATRIX!!! Honestly, he isn't the most amazing actor but he is VERY easy to look at and VERY down to earth. I love your desk and the blue and white stripes! I have been teasing my husband lately that he is in trouble when the kids get older and we can have nice things again. I'm making a list!! Thanks for linking up our first week as cohosts for Friday's Unfolded! We had a blast partying with you and can't wait to party again next week!Janene from More Than Mommies

  7. So glad you finally watched the movie. It's certainly a fun one, and the house is such an inspiration. I think your house is a perfect "little sister" to the Something's Gotta Give jewel.

  8. I love your rug, and yes, the house in that movie is to die for! Thanks for sharing! Also wanted to let you know about a new linky party starting this Saturday at 8pm called “Found & Foraged” Can't wait to party with you at http://www.houseofhipsters.com

  9. I've seen this house a million times, but still clicked on your link to see it again! I love it too-thanks for sharing!

  10. I love that movie! I don't usually purchase DVD's but I bought this one and watch it often…Diane Keaton is such a great actress and I agree…these two were perfect for the leads. Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY…Blessings,Cindy

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