I Don’t Want a Baby Room – Choosing Paint

My eight year old has been fed up with the baby blue color of his room for some time now.

I keep promising him I will make his room more grown up.  (I did a post on this a few months ago –Choosing Colors.)

Today, I took the first step.

I went to Benjamin Moore and picked out a sample of “Iced Slate” (#2130-60) to test out in his room.

He thought the “Bright and Early” (#834) was “Way too babyish!”

When we started looking at paint, we liked “Silver Mist” and “Blue Heather.” (on right)

But “Iced Slate” is kind of in between the two. (shown on left)

He liked the idea of a blue/gray so we will see what he thinks of the “Iced Slate.”

Top left – Bright and Early (what he has now)

Right – Iced Slate (the sample I bought today)

To get a look at the color, I painted a poster board.  When he gets home from school, he can help me evaluate how it will look in his room.

He is definitely getting some opinions nowadays.  My little baby is growing up!

So, that’s what I am doing today between running the puppy outside to pee.

What is your Monday like?

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  1. My then 8 year old selected the color for her room after we moved. A few weeks later she decided she didn't like it any more! Thank goodness she came around again. I have painted almost every room in the house. Not quite ready to repaint them all yet:-)Hope all is well with the "baby." Puppy, that is.

  2. I really like the Iced Slate color. It seems like a very neutral color that he could use lots of bright colors with as accessories if he wanted to go with more color. Don't work too hard!! —–Shannon

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just read you posts about your son's room and it made me laugh because I had the same discussions with my 9-year-old when choosing the paint colors. He didn't want a dark gray and he didn't want a bright blue so our final choice was somewhere in the middle. I finally found comforters yesterday and he loves those so I think we are almost done – yea!! Now the other two want their rooms done too – it never ends.

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