Working on the Family Room – The Latest Purchases

Back in my earlier blogging days, I wouldn’t have hesitated to show a room in process.  Now I feel like it’s a crime if I don’t show a finished “before and after” to inspire everyone!  Why is that?  Maybe it’s just me…

This is more of an “in progress” post than a “before and after”.  With the kids home all summer, I am lucky I have gotten anywhere with this space!  Anyway, my family room is slowly evolving.  Recently we bought a new sectional to replace the old one.

New Sectional Sofa - Room in Progress

This is the Pearce Sectional from Pottery Barn.  I wanted something lighter in here so I chose the Oatmeal colored velvet.  The velvet keeps my family happy because it’s soft and comfy.  The color keeps me happy because now I feel like I have more pillow options!  And we all know, it’s all about the pillows!

Blue and White Pillows and a new sectional

These are actually pillows I had around the house.  I brought them in here to play around with some options when the sectional was delivered.  I got the blue and white print covers at Pottery Barn last year for like $7.00 each on the clearance table.  I planned to use them in my bedroom but they just sat in the closet until I decided to try them in here.  I am sure they will move again.

This is the sectional we had before…

Family Room Before

It’s funny, I really couldn’t find many pictures of the sofa!  I guess I was planning on getting rid of it for awhile…Anyway, it held up really well for the 12 or so years we’ve had it.  In fact, it’s in really great condition but I just wanted a new look for the room.  Ever since we remodeled our kitchen, I have felt like the sofa color was too dark.  I would have loved a nice light colored linen or even white but I had to be realistic with my family.  I know everyone raves about how great it is to just whip off a slipcover and throw it in the wash, I just don’t see that happening around here!

And now that the new sectional is in place, I need to address two more important issues…

Family Room with New Sectional

My darling dog, Rosie will be devastated if I take away her chair.  It’s the only furniture she is allowed on (except my kids’ beds) and she lays on that chair all day!  I am either going to find another chair in a different fabric or have a slipcover made for that one.  The things we do for our pets…

And obviously, the rug has to be replaced.  The rug is an indoor outdoor one that used to sit under my kitchen table before the renovation.  We stuck it in here one day so the room wouldn’t feel so bare (and so Rosie wouldn’t slip when she jumped off her chair!).  As much as I love the look of a natural fiber rug, I want something softer in here.  This is where we hang out as a family and I want everyone to be comfortable.  I have already wrecked it for them by putting in a sofa that they can’t eat on!

If you want to see where this room started, stop over to my last Latest Update to the Family Room.  At least that post might satisfy any need for more “before and after” photos!

What room are you working on these days?

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  1. My daughter got that same sectional in the Sunbrella fabric. Yes, we do a lot for our pets. Bailey did something to her right rear leg yesterday and I'm putting off another vet visit for now. I hope it isn't her patella like her left leg. I'm picking her up and placing her down wherever there are steps or putting her up on furniture. I don't want her jumping at all. I don't think she can anyway. 🙁

  2. Your room looks so pretty already! Yes we have made modifications to our decorating for the dog and cat too. 🙂

  3. I would do the same for my pooch too. We just them so. I can see your vision for the room. Keep plugging along

  4. Shelley, the new sectional is fabulous for your space. I can't believe you won't allow eating on your new sofa (lol)!

  5. I love the lighter color sectional! It's amazing how one thing will completely change the look of a room. I am working on lightening and brightening our house too. Looks great!

  6. Your new sofa looks great and I love all the pillow patterns. Velvet is soft and comfortable. Slipcovers are hard to put on and take off. I put off that job and since there is just two of us it doesn't have to be done often.Be proud of all you have accomplished. It really looks nice.

  7. Your room looks beautiful and I'm so happy to see you have a dog chair! We are dog lovers too. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.Patti

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