Rosie, You’re the One

Not only is that a line

from my favorite Springsteen song, (Rosalita)

but Rosie will be the name of our new puppy!

For the next couple of weeks,

you may see a ridiculous number of puppy pictures!

Sorry, if you are not a dog person

but we pick up our little girl on Saturday

so I won’t be able to help myself!

These pictures were taken 2 weeks ago.

I am not sure which one will be ours

but it will be one of them..

Now if you have read my recent dog posts,

you know that I have had mixed feelings about

this new addition to our family.


I have enjoyed having somewhat of a clean house.

(Well, as clean as it can be with boys!)

But I always knew someday

those darling boys would talk me into getting a dog!

And not just any dog…

A Golden Retriever!

Since I would do anything for these sweet kids,

and since I think it is important to grow up with a pet,

I caved and said yes to the dog!

I must say though,

after the decision was made,

I was just as excited as they were!

I keep thinking about how cuddly she is going to be

and how much fun the boys will have with her.

(And how much vacuuming

and poop cleaning I will have to deal with – ughh!)

But I am very excited

and have spent the last couple of weeks

 getting ready for her arrival!

And where did the name “Rosie”come from you ask?

Product Details

Well, the kids love all those golden retriever “Buddies” movies

and there is a puppy named, “Rosebud” in the movies.

They were so set on that name!

And after they started referring to her as “Rosie”

the name started to make a little sense…

The sled in the movie, Citizen Kane

was called Rosebud – and she was born in December…

Ironically, the breeder chose “movies”

as the theme for the litter.

We have to reference a movie

 in the dog’s official registered name!

On top of that, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner…

and what flower is known for that day? – Roses!

I know, those references are kind of stretching it

but it sealed the deal

the other day when I was in my car after

driving back from picking up all the puppy supplies.

I turned on the radio right to the line in the Springsteen song,

“Rosie you’re the one!”

So, my dreams of calling the puppy, “Calypso”

and “Callie” for short

are not going to happen!

Oh well,

at least I get to have some pink in my house!

What are your pet’s names?


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  1. aagh~ They are SO CUTE my eyes can't even handle these photos. I keep saying that the next time I feel like I want to get pregnant…we'll get a dog. ;-)Good luck!

  2. I don't think that there's a cuter puppy in the world than a Golden Retriever. Rosie is absolutely adorable. Your little boys are so lucky and I admire you for taking the leap. Good luck!

  3. First – thanks for finding and leaving a comment on – Second – congrats on getting a puppy … this is exciting! Of course there will be 'those times' with the puppy but just remember it shall pass … I'm not sure what a golden is fed but one thing I could say to you is find the best possible food you can for your puppy – I don't think goldens have allergies issues like westies – but in any event I would stay away from products with corn, wheat or soy in them as they are cheap fillers.I have a document on pet food if you would like it – just send me an e-mail to [email protected] – also on Facebook I run a group health site called WESTIES HEALTH — FROM EARS TO TAIL.Happy puppy to you!Katie

  4. They're so cute, it almost makes me want another one! How can you stand not knowing which one is yours?!! We have Rio (our golden girl) and Mikko (our sweet kitty, named after a hockey player!).Btw, no amount of puppy pics are too many for me! 🙂

  5. Be still my heart!I had my husband and kids just come to see my computer to see your posted pics! OMG!!!!I am so excited for you.You will LOVE a golden but be prepared for the shedding. So worth it I should not even mention it.They are a s loyal as ever and mine is a shadow and lies at my feet and follows me everywhere. She thinks I am her mother I am certain.Hallie is her name, why? Because my daughter named her and it stuck!My black lab is Cada for short, Cicada, long version. She came to us a few summers ago when Illinois was knee deep in the 17 year Cicada bug infestation and she ate every nasty black beetle she could get her puppy teeth on!!!Cannot ever see enough pics of these pups. Bring it ON Shelly!I <3 Rosie already!xoxoxoxoxAlison

  6. I love dogs and cats and can't wait for you to share pics of Rosie! I like the name a lot. Our former neighbor had two goldens and I loved them like they were ours!"Harriet" came to us when a breeder retired her. We asked about her name and he told us "Harriet" means "ruler of the house!" Boy, is she!!!!!Best wishes and you all are going to LOVE having a dog!

  7. It will so worth the effort. The cuddling and joy on your kiddos faces will be sublime. My 20 year old girl, in college, pines for Clovis terribly, she grew up with him and it is terrible I cannot take him up to see her.

  8. Golden retrievers are absolutely hands-down the best dogs. They are so easygoing and patient. We now have our second golden and he is a real sweetie pie.Stopping by via The Polohouse link party.Lynette – Sweet Posy Dreams

  9. Oh I just know you are going to be so happy with Rosie…She is absolutely beautiful! You are going to be tired of me visiting… because honey I am a pet lover, as you can see on my blogs!Oh boy, I am waiting to hear about her antics and your woos with pooper-scooping! lol! It won't be long to get her trained…they are just like children when this age, I promise! Have Fun Honey with your new baby, Loretta

  10. Shelley, we sure share some of the same favorites…back in the day, I was a huge Bruce Springsteen fan!! Your new puppy is going to be just adorable. I can tell that you and the boys are so excited! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more pictures of Rosie!

  11. How adorable! What sweet puppies. I know you'll love Rosie once you get her and she'll be a wonderful family pet.

  12. She is soo cute! I have been thinking about getting a golden doodle. We had a Golden Retriever,Max he was great for 20 years.Thanks for sharing JoAnn

  13. She is soo cute! I have been thinking about getting a golden doodle. We had a Golden Retriever,Max he was great for 20 years.Thanks for sharing JoAnn

  14. I think I will have to stop looking at your blog because that puppy is just too cute and causes me to wish for a fourth one. Heehee. I think Rosie is a perfect name. I have always named my animals human names. I guess your little guys are really excited. Good luck and enjoy!!Shannon

  15. We don't have a dog and I'm STILL drooling over these cute puppy photos! Is there anyone who doesn't love hearing about puppies? I think not!!!Rosie looks completely adorable – and I love the name!!Sarahx

  16. Thanks everyone! I don't know how I am going to get anything done in the next couple of months because I will want to keep holding her…Hey maybe I can carry her around in one of those Baby Bjorn carriers!…

  17. EEEEE she is SO adorable!!!!! I love the name (I wanted to name my dog Calypso too) I want to hug her! Have fun this weekend with her.xoxox

  18. Congratulations! OMG. Those pictures are the sweetest. You are going to love having little Rosie around. I never considered myself a dog person until my husband talked me into it and now we have two! I couldn't imagine my life without them. Enjoy!

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