Weekend Pupdate #49

I took this picture right before I left for church this morning.

Let’s just say Rosie was not happy.

And neither was I.

She was out in the yard while I was getting dressed this morning.  When I went to let her back inside, she came running over to me with a muddy nose and feet.  Needless to say, I was not dressed to clean a dirty dog so I stuck her out on the deck until I returned.  Luckily, our deck has gates so she was contained in an area where she couldn’t get more mud on her.  And luckily my husband did not go to church today so I could feel safe leaving her outside.  Plus it is pretty warm here today – in the 50’s!..heat wave for us.  So, I didn’t feel bad leaving her out for awhile – AND I had something to look forward to doing when I got home…ughh.

When I returned, I washed her paws and nose with wet cloths.  She cleaned up pretty well and before long was back to her antics in the yard.

 Carrying branches and sticks…

 Running in the grass…

And chasing whatever the wind blew by her.

I think she will sleep well tonight!

Are you spending any time outside today?

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  1. I just never grow tired of Rosie's antics, but then, I don't have to wipe the mud off. 🙂 From my side of the computer screen, she's the cutest thing ever!

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