Counter Stool Progress

This week I have been auditioning counter stools for my kitchen.

As you can see above, I bought a white leather stool from Kirkland’s and the black and brown Stratmoor stool from Pier 1 Imports.  The other two on the side are the temporary ones we have been using.

Starting with the Kirkland’s white leather stool…This one fits pretty well on the end of my counter where the overhang is only about 10 inches.  When we designed my kitchen, the overhang was actually about 12 inches in this spot but at the last minute, I had them move the island down a bit to give me more stove area on the other end.  While I like the space on the other side, I regret making this overhang so small.  Nothing I can do about it now!  This is one of the reasons I am having trouble with my counter stool decision.  This stool fits here but the wood color is a bit off so it makes it seem like I was trying too hard to match it to the island stain.  Plus, the leather color is too creamy and looks a little washed out when you compare it to the white cabinets.

White leather counter stool under kitchen island


Here is the stool tucked under the long side of the island.  The leather doesn’t even go well with the counter top.  It might not show so much in the picture, but in person it is more obvious.

Plus, I know I could probably wipe up spills easily but I just can’t see white leather lasting in my kitchen with my boys.  So this stool is out.

I also brought home the Stratmoor stool from Pier 1 Imports…

At first I felt like the Stratmoor stool stood out too much since the bottom is black and the top is a darker brown than the island.  Then my kids sat on this one and loved it.  It’s comfortable, the right height at 25 inches and it swivels.  What more could boys want?

But as much as I want to keep my boys happy, I have to really decide if this is the look I want in here.

When tucked under the island, the black isn’t as jarring in there, plus the black picks up the black in the lanterns.  I had thought about going with black when I went shopping at Restoration Hardware recently.  You can read about that here –  Counter Stool Dilemma if you missed all the excitement the first time around.

I guess the black could work with the touches of black in the family room as well as the black that runs through the granite.  Don’t look at the kitchen table and chairs.  They will be replaced soon…I hope.

This stool sticks out a bit more in that end spot though.  It’s diameter is 16 inches.  I just don’t know.  It’s hard just looking at one in the space but I am not going to try out four just so I can return them when I change my mind…

So, as of now, I am still undecided and still looking.  I will keep you posted.  I am sure you are on the edge of your seat waiting…

At least I am done with the bar stool decision for our ski condo.  If you missed that drama, check out my post – Our New Saying and the Almost Disastrous Bar Stool Purchase.  Never a dull moment here.

What do you think of the black against the island?

Am I wrecking my kitchen if I buy these?

Is there anyone in the world who obsesses about stools as much as I do?


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  1. When I read your post the one statement that stuck out was when you said, " I have to really decide if this is the look I want in here." I think you have a gut feeling or vision that you want and that's what you need to really clarify. It seems like something doesn't make you immediately love these stools even though they could probably work. Maybe you had something a little different in mind? I'll be curious to see what you decide–but you should really trust yourself because you've got great instincts Shelley.xoLeslie

  2. I think your kitchen is sooo pretty Shelly! I would just love to see something that is as pretty as the kitchen! (and I get the feeling you know these aren't right, which is why you are still looking!) And yes, I would stew about them as much as you (maybe more!) I second guess myself until I'm pulling my hair out!You'll find something! Can't wait to see…

  3. Hi Shelley, Decisions, decisions!! They can be so difficult. I think the Pier One stools can work if they are the look you are going for. They almost seem to disappear in the room, which isn't always a bad thing. Did you definitely decided on a table? That will help to dictate the rest of the style of your kitchen. In any case, it is already such a beautiful space. Good luck. Can't wait to see what you pick!!

  4. Definitely the white leather between the two, 100% all the way. Ditch the black it doesn't fit your kitchen. The white leather is not my style at all but its a far better choice for your kitchen and the style is very complementary. If the wood is bothering you, you can always paint the legs, but if the leather colour really is too off I would say keep looking. Certainly don't settle for something that isn't right especially if you've put a lot of time and money into your kitchen already. IMO keep looking.

  5. I really like the kirkland option better than the Pier 1, the black is just too dark for me for your lovely new kitchen….

  6. I know that barstools can be tricky since they are often a focal part of the kitchen. I would look through pinterest at kitchens that are similar to yours and see what style barstools that are used. You might be able to get more of a direction for what you like if you can see it in a picture. If your kids will be using them, then keep in mind the practicality factor.

  7. your kitchen is so lovely. love the choice of colors and materials. Ballard has a wonderful barstool that might look much better with your upscale kitchen. Similar with what you have, but better colors available and not so "pub" style looking. And, yes, I've been in stool trauma for 5 years now. Even wanted to distress and sand/refinish my Restoration Hardware Toledo stools as soon as they arrived, but still haven't done it two years later. Good luck.

  8. The one thing I always try to keep in mind when buying any furniture is that "function trumps form." Whatever you are purchasing should always be comfortable for your family. If you make choices based solely on "how something looks," you will probably end up disliking it. So there you go, my two cents worth!Warm hugs,Carol

  9. Black is too bold for your kitchen, I do think that Ballard has some nice ones and a stpre in Westfield cal The Farmhouse store has some nice bistro style stools good prices. I just was there with a client.

  10. Your kitchen is so pretty! I love all of the different finishes you have in there. Just stunning. I totally hear you on the bar stools. We tried a lot of different types before we finally settled on a chair style from IKEA. I hope you find what you're looking for. Have a fun day, CoCo

  11. I think your kitchen is so stunning that you need to be 100% in love with everything you put in there.That's my Thoughts of Home wisdom for today. 🙂

  12. I LOVE the idea of auditioning furniture. I've done it myself. No doubt you will end up with the perfect stool that way.It is such a joy to have you join the gathering at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You really help to elevate it to something very special.

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