Operation Caribbean Vacation

In about 5 weeks we are bringing home our puppy.

But every spring (except last year),

we try to take a family vacation in the Caribbean.

We usually go in March or April.

Last time we went,

my older son was just in kindergarten

so it really wasn’t a big deal taking him out of school.

Now that he is in 2nd

and my younger son in kindergarten,

it is probably a better idea

to try to plan the trip around school vacations.

But now we have another obstacle…


Now, who in their right mind would agree to babysit a


NOT housebroken

little dog?

NO ONE I tell you!

I should have thought this out a little earlier

but this year has just flown by

and now I REALLY want to get away.


I have the next few weeks to plan,

convince my husband

AND actually take the trip

before that puppy comes home!

Planning, no problem…

Problem?  – My Husband!

For some odd reason,

he thinks I am totally insane for wanting to do this.

In fact I don’t even think he is taking me seriously.

That is where “Operation Caribbean Vacation” comes in…

For the past week,

I have been leaving subliminal messages
around the house.

For instance,

when I cleared out the Christmas decor

I subtly rearranged my table in the foyer.

Now it has a bit of an island feel.

and I made sure I included a family photo

taken in the Caribbean.

Starfish, tropical leaves and a pineapple…

And an orchid give the island vibe.

(Yes, the orchid and leaves are fake – such a crime!)

I conveniently placed all his vacation t-shirts

on top of the piles in his drawers

so these will be the first he picks

when he works out.

How nice of me to organize them for him!

The “kids” wanted to watch some DVD’s from our previous trips.

So we watched and made many comments.

What’s wrong with a trip down memory lane?

I sprayed some island fragrances around the house

where he might come across a whiff here and there.

The house smells great now!

It also doesn’t hurt

to scatter a few vacation photo books around!

They look so much better than the remote controls in this tray!

Am I being manipulative?

Well, maybe a little but who am I really hurting?

After all, I am the one who will be training this little puppy.

Shouldn’t I get a little relaxation time to “prepare?”

Well I gotta go try out a pina colada recipe…
just for fun of course!

Honey, if you are reading this…
I am just trying to remind you
of how much we all love to take family vacations!

What’s on your agenda this week?

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  1. I love all the 'subliminal messages' for your hubby! Something I would do too 🙂 You definitely deserve a break before the puppy comes, they can be hard work at times, but so worth it. Good luck! xo K

  2. I think that you are being clever! You are just trying to make family memories and after a hard year of work and play, you all deserve a vacation. 🙂 Good luck with Operation Caribbean Vacation, I am pulling for you!! xoxoxo

  3. Oh honey, you are working it! I hope hubby picks up all those hints soon! Your puppy will be easy to train and if all fails, put him in obedience school… Wishing you all the best! Hugs, Loretta

  4. Hey fellow Jersey Girl — maybe you are being TOO subtle!Good luck. What kind of puppy are you getting? Maybe the breeder would hold him for another week or two, so you could take your vacation.Or … bring him to me, I love puppies and am a WHIZ at house training. :-)Csss

  5. Hee!hee! I love this! Hopefully your husband will get the hint soon! Having a puppy is like having a baby again. Once your puppy arrives, you won't want to leave, so you definitely need to get those vacation plans under way!

  6. You are too funny. Just keep it up till he gives in. Wish we could go on vacation after all this remodeling.

  7. You asked what's on my agenda, well, nothing as exciting as dreaming and planning a Carribean vacation. You are wise to want to go before the puppy arrives. They require quite a lot of attention at first. Maybe you should drop the hint by wearing your bikini at dinner. Heehee—– Drop by my party tonight at 10 PM if you can. Good luck convincing the hubby!!——— Shanny

  8. I can't believe I didn't think of you earlier….the husband and I are looking to take a trip to the Caribbean. We want some reasonable but still awesome. What are your suggestions?

  9. As soon as I get some time tonight I will visit you all. Thanks for the good wishes for my vacation scheme! Cass- We're getting a Golden Retriever. Don't be surprised if we show up on your doorstep! LOL!Shannon – the bikini is a great idea!Decor and the Dog (Michelle)- I will email you to get an idea of what you are looking for…I LOVE to play travel agent!-Shelley

  10. Too funny! But the thing that really caught my eye was the vacation books that you have made documenting each trip! How awesome is that? Angie xo

  11. Angie, Those books are from Shutterfly. I make them all the time and they are a lot of fun to design!-Shelley

  12. Yes, Shelley… you ARE manipulative… a little bit {hee hee} But's ok!!!! I love that way! Good luck!

  13. Good luck with the pup and how wonderful that you get to take a tropical vacation every year! And usually have to hit my man over the head – subtlety doesn't work with him! LOL!xoxo,Kim

  14. Puppies and growing kids make it harder to plan the vacations…but still so fun when you do!!!

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