The Painters Are Coming!

We finally decided on a color for my son’s bedroom!

After trying many samples from light grays to dark blues, we ended up choosing Amsterdam by Benjamin Moore.

As you might remember, this was one of the colors in the running and this is also the color of my master bathroom.

Here is how it will look next to the new gray and white curtains we ordered.

We thought we were going to go with something a little darker like Philipsburg Blue but we both agreed it would be a little too dark.

As you can see, Philipsburg is a much deeper color than what we are used to in this room!

We weren’t ready to go quite that dark so we went with the Amsterdam.

As you can see, the colors are similar but the Amsterdam (on left) is just a little lighter.

So the painters are coming next week! Hooray!

At one point I though about doing the painting myself but I get nervous with darker colors.

But the best part of having the painters come is that I convinced my husband to have them paint the garage too!

Yes, after 13 years of living in this house, we STILL had a garage that looked like this!

Of course, my silly husband thought leaving it that way made the house look new…

Uh…I don’t think we are fooling anyone, dear.

The only thing it did was make us look like we didn’t care about our garage!…And like we were too cheap to get it painted!

So, this garage project might snowball into painting the interior door black like I had planned a few months ago…

At some point, we’ll probably end up getting new door hardware…then setting up neater garage organization…oh, the list could go on and on!

But at least we are moving along. Now, I’m just trying to pick a garage color.  Most likely, I’ll choose a light beige or grayish color.

The question is the ceiling… Should I paint the ceiling white or just paint it the same as the wall color?
What are your thoughts?


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  1. How exciting, Shelley! Love the color you picked for your son's room – can't wait to see that all done! You will enjoy having your garage gussied up! I am about to paint the floor of our garage – I did it in our last house and it made it all feel so much cleaner and nicer!

  2. Will look forward to seeing the completed room. And yay on getting the garage painted too!

  3. Fun! I love how one project snowballs into another. It means more work, but the results are always worth it! Btw, I can tell I'm going to like the curtains you ordered. I'm looking forward to seeing them in!

  4. Love the snowball effect! You're going to have all kinds of fun things to show us! I like the masculine feel of your bedroom choices!

  5. You have some fun projects going on. Love the color you selected for your son's room.

  6. Ooh, I love the paint color with the striped curtains. You must be so excited to get so much done!

  7. Beautiful wall color … it's going to look fabulous !! And, what fun that you're painting your garage, too !!

  8. I love that blue color! Can't wait to see it finished! I don't know what to do on the ceiling of the garage. Go for whatever is easiest.

  9. Shelley, your son is going to have a gorgeous room. I agree with everyone that the curtains will look great with the wall color. As for the ceiling, I prefer good old white but you could add just a touch of the blue into the white paint to give a nice updated look. Looking forward to the reveal and I bet you are too! Give Rosie a hug for me.—– Shannon

  10. Your son's room will be wonderful and I love the paint color you selected. Thanks for joining the OHP.

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