Happy National Dog Day (from Rosie)

Hello, and Happy National Dog Day to you!

My name is Rosie, the golden retriever and I am taking over the blog again today.

Golden Retriever in grass - National Dog Day

Since it’s back to school time for most kids, those lazy dog days of summer are almost over.  Sad, but true…

In honor of National Dog Day, I thought I would share a bit of my summer with you.

Golden retriever in pool

First, our the big news this year…my family put in a pool!  Though I am not much of a swimmer, I have enjoyed getting my feet wet on the stairs.  Since it’s been so hot this summer, I have loved having a place to cool off!  Unfortunately, no one wants a wet dog near them, though.  Apparently, I get pretty stinky after getting wet…but what can you do?

Luckily, no one complains when I sun myself on the patio…

Silly Golden Retriever enjoying the sunshine - Happy National Dog Day!

Who knew having a new pool and patio would be this much fun?

Speaking of fun…

Wet dog in the hay

During the pool construction, some grass was torn up and they had to re-seed.  New grass seed needs lot of water so I had the best time playing in the sprinklers!  Even though I ended up with an ear infection, it was SO worth it!

As always, I spent tons of time sleeping…Golden Retriever sleeping in the sun

Some days, I slept on the patio…

Some days, I slept on the driveway…Enjoying the sunshine on the driveway

Of course, no one could understand why a dog with so much fur would want to lay on the hot asphalt.  Sometimes, even I don’t understand myself!

Even though I had the best time outside, I enjoyed sleeping in my room on my bed the most.  Don’t worry, I am happy to share my bed with my brother… He just has to learn to stay off his phone while I’m trying to snooze.

Dog on bed sleeping

Enough, about all the sleeping…I also had some adventures…

Golden Retriever watching butterfly

When my family put in the pool, they also bought me a bunch of butterflies to chase!  Wasn’t that nice of them?  For some reason though, they yell at me whenever I catch them.  People can be so confusing at times.  Either way, I have the best time in the backyard now!

Dog party on the patio

Recently, I even got to have a dog party!  My friends from the neighborhood came over and we had a blast swimming, running around and licking up dropped snacks on the patio.  Best day ever!

Earlier this summer, I had a visitor in my front yard…

back of golden retriever watching out window

For a few days, I was only allowed outside on a leash because a fawn was staying in our front yard.  Apparently, my family didn’t trust me enough to let me out there unsupervised.  At least they kept the windows open so I could watch from a distance.  Of course, when the mother deer arrived, I was beside myself with excitement.  You know, it is my job to chase deer off the property…

Since then, I have kept an eye on things from my favorite spot in the newly painted dining room…

Navy Dining Room with Golden Retriever by the window

As the summer winds down, we have kept the windows open in the morning so I can feel the breeze.  I’ll be the first to admit, it’s nice to be a spoiled golden retriever!

Hopefully, you have enjoyed your summer as much as I have!  Soon, it will be fall and my family will be dressing me up for Halloween again.  I wonder what kind of foolish costume they will put me in this year!

If you have a dog, remember to wish them a Happy National Dog Day from me!

Golden Retriever in the shade celebrating National Dog Day

Thanks for stopping by!

Happy National Dog Day everyone!

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National Dog Day

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    1. Thanks, Cindy…I mean, Beau! I know, kind of a silly post but it’s fun to be a little lighthearted every now and then!

  1. Loved hearing from Rosie about her summer adventures! Every day is national dog day for lucky pups like Rosie and our rescue Shar Peis and chiweeiner. Unlike Rosie, none of our pups want anything to do with our pool. They sure do make a house a home —muddy footprints and dog hair included❤️! Hugs from Waco!

    1. Awe, thanks Diane! Yes, our dogs definitely make a house a home, don’t they? I couldn’t imagine our home without a dog now! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. I really love this post. We have a cat named Rosie who often features on my blog too. We have another cat but she’s way too shy to ever be featured. I love that you wrote it from her perspective. Golden!

    1. Thanks Carol! Every now and then I let Rosie do some writing – ha! How cute you have a cat named Rosie too! Enjoy your week!

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