Weekend Pupdate #16

We spent Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend at the beach.

Since several family members would be staying at the beach house, we decided to bring Rosie to the kennel for 2 nights so she wouldn’t add to the craziness at the house.  Unfortunately, it was much harder than I thought.

When we dropped her off Saturday morning, the boys and I cried.

By the time we got back in the car, my 8 year old and I were sobbing.

My 5 year old, on the other hand, already had regained his composure and became the voice of reason.  “She’s going to have a great time there.”, he said.

By the time we got home, my 8 year old was so mad at me for “leaving her in that place” that he ran up to his room and refused to go to the beach.

Finally, after everyone calmed down, we drove to the shore for the weekend.

Of course we missed her but we had a wonderful family weekend. We came home Sunday night and couldn’t wait to wake up first thing Monday morning to get little Rosie.

When we picked her up, we were practically jumping up and down with excitement as we waited in the kennel lobby.

We expected her to come bolting out the door into our arms, licking our faces….

Instead as they walked her out, the boys and I ran to her yelling, “There she is!”,but she just calmly walked over to us like she had just seen us an hour ago.

So much for missing us.

So, apparently she had a good time and doesn’t mind going to the kennel as much as we minded leaving her there!


So, I guess I am still learning after all my years of being a cat person!

Anyway, once we got her home, we celebrated Memorial Day in the neighbor’s pool.

Rosie did more swimming and was getting more comfortable in the pool this week.

She did some sunning as well. How funny that she made herself comfortable on my son’s beach towel!

Ahhh, this is the life!

And of course, a nice nap was in order after an afternoon in the pool!  All week, when I would take her out for walks she would pull me to go over to their house.  I think she is going to have a great summer!

Did you do any swimming this week?

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  1. I can relate…we still hate to leave Rio when we go out of town, the 'spa' (as my husband calls it) has a video cam and we spend a lot of time checking to see what she's up to! Lucky girl to have a pool next door! 🙂

  2. I wish I did some swimming this week! It's been chilly here.Glad you survived the kenneling experience. We've always left Ike with family which makes it slightly easier..slightly.

  3. Aren't dogs great! I know it's really hard leaving them. It's even hard to leave our little dog at my mother-n-law much less the kennel. But it's all usually fine in the end.

  4. Lucky You!!! 'o) We spent our weekend inside out of the rain and the cold……lots of candles and red wine too! Tania xx

  5. The last pictures by the pool kinda make you wish you were a dog, right?? 🙂 That's so cute that your kids were all concerned about leaving her behind!

  6. It looks like Rosie had such a fun time! And that sweet little face she has…..absolutely adorable!blessings,karianne

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