Minwax Provincial Stain on Red Oak (Finished Floors)

Throughout our renovation, I’ve had such a difficult time choosing a floor stain.  Considering our choice will affect most of our first floor, this decision was not an easy one!  So, after agonizing over hardwood floor stains, we narrowed it down to Minwax Early American vs. Provincial stain for our red oak floors.  Finally, we ended up choosing Minwax Provincial.  Now that the floors are finished, we couldn’t be happier!

Red Oak Hardwood Floors - Minwax Provincial stain

Hardwood Floors – Minwax Provincial on Red Oak:

The perfect stain for our home…

As you can see, the floor color picks up the dark tones from the island.

White kitchen with stained island - floors finished Minwax Provincial stain

And although I originally thought a lighter floor stain would be better for us, (with all that golden retriever fur), I absolutely LOVE this color!  So what if I have to vacuum constantly!

Red oak floors with Minwax Provincial Stain in Family room

Here is a view into the family room.  As you can see, we just had the walls repainted too.  For the family room and kitchen, we chose Benjamin Moore Manchester Tan.  Since this is an open concept room, we wanted something neutral to give us many options for decorating down the road.  Overall, we are thrilled with how the walls and the floor came out.

Minwax Provincial Stain on Red Oak Floors

One thing we are not so thrilled with is the smell!  Ugh!  From the beginning, I knew the floor stain and poly smell would be bad but it is really horrible!  My husband has been toughing it out and staying in the house while the kids and I are at the beach with family.  Honestly, I don’t know how he can handle it!  I literally had a headache yesterday from being in there for like 10 minutes!

Even with the lung scorching fumes, I am SO glad we decided to go with the finished-on-site route for the hardwood floors.  They came out beautiful and if I am ever able to breathe in my house again, I will be so happy to have them throughout the downstairs rooms!

Have you used Minwax Provincial stain on your floors? 

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Minwax Provincial Stain on Red Oak Hardwood Floors

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  1. Your floors are stunning, the smell can be overwhelming. Progress is sure being made,. Hope you have a great 4th. fondly ~lynne~

  2. So glad you chose Provincial it really helps to cancel out the red in Red oak floors! Looking great!!

  3. Love the color the floors look beautiful…and I love your stone fireplace too!!

  4. Beautiful home!
    I know you chose Manchester Tan for the walls – what color did you paint the trim and doors in your home?

    1. Thank you so much! The trim in the kitchen and family room is White Dove to match the kitchen cabinets. The rest of the trim in my house is Decorator’s White. You don’t really notice a difference when you walk from room to room. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I’ve enjoyed reading all your posts and looking at your beautiful home! We just chose minwax provincial for the red oak floors in the house we just bought. I’ve been googling and looking for people who have used it and found your site. Your floors are gorgeous and I’m glad you still like it 5 years later. Hoping we are the same!

    1. Thanks so much Caryn! I’m glad my photos were helpful. I remember searching online for Provincial with red oak floors when we were deciding too. I hope you’re happy with the color!

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