Easy Last Minute Christmas Mantel Decor

It’s crunch time, friends!  Christmas is right around the corner!  If you still need to whip up a last minute Christmas mantel, here is a quick and easy idea…

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Easy Last Minute Christmas Mantel Decor:

Seriously, this was the easiest mantel I’ve ever decorated!  

Simply, lean a large mirror on your mantel…

Wreath on Fireplace - Last Minute Christmas Mantel Decor

Then, hang a wreath with ribbon over the front…

Christmas wreath on mirror - Easy Last Minute Christmas Mantel

Just attach the ribbon to the back of the mirror and center the wreath.  For mine, I didn’t even bother making a bow…after all this was last minute!

side view of stone fireplace decorated for Christmas

Add some matching candles to either side of the mantel…

Red and black works well for my last minute mantel.  The black coordinates with the mirror and the red gives a pop of color.  First, I tried white candles but I like the way the red stands out.

stone fireplace with rustic mantel decorated for Christmas

As you can see, I already have a black fireplace screen and tools so adding black made sense for me.

red planter for wood and greenery

Continue with the colors from the last minute mantel…

In addition to the red on the mantel, I also filled my red planter with some fireplace wood and some Christmas greenery.

Back of Spindle Chair with Christmas fireplace in the background

The easiest, last minute Christmas mantel I have ever done!

I know, barely worthy of a blog post but I am all about easy and simple decorating this Christmas.   Just like many of you, we’ve had a crazy-busy year and sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to overthink things!

Easy solutions equal less stress…and I know we all need less of that!

This year I also simplified in other areas.  For instance, we only put up one tree instead of two.  Normally, I like to add an artificial tree in our foyer but this year it just didn’t happen.  I also did some simple things like decorate my kitchen chandelier with faux greens instead of fresh and I am much happier with that little change.

Now, I am off to conquer my mountain of wrapping paper…another last minute project around here!

For even more last minute ideas, read Last Minute Christmas Ideas!

What last minute projects are you working on?

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Last Minute Christmas Mantel Decor


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  1. I am new subscriber to your blog and love your style, your sweet Rosie, and genuine vibe. Merry Christmas from this Grandma in Waco, Tx!

    1. What a sweet thing to say! Your comment put a smile on my face and just made my day! Merry Christmas to you too!

    1. Thanks, Lauren! I just couldn’t be bothered with anything elaborate this year! My son reminded me I still have to hang the stockings, though.

    2. Thanks, Lauren! I just couldn’t be bothered with anything elaborate this year! My son reminded me I still have to hang the stockings, though.

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