My Son’s Room – Before and After

Going into this makeover with my 8 year old, I wondered if we would ever come to an agreement.

The main goal of the room re-do was to get rid of the baby-look.

I had all kinds of grand plans for this makeover.

I wanted the walls gray; he wanted them darker blue.

I wanted a preppy/classic/vintage/Ralph Lauren-ish room; he wanted “just stuff I like.”

So, after many paint tests…

and many return trips to stores and UPS, we went from a slightly babyish room to a cool big kid room.

Once again, let’s take a look at the before…

From baby blue walls, red curtains and an airplane theme to…

A room for an 8 year old to love for many years!

We ended up choosing Amsterdam by Benjamin Moore for the paint color.

As you can see, he was very excited to start taking things down on the morning the painters were coming…

(Don’t you love the mismatched pajamas?)

Sure, there are some babyish things I will miss…

The picture that was still on his wall from when he was in his crib.

The brass lamp that belonged to me as a child.  (Now everything is brushed nickel in his room.)

The airplane prints.

Those baby-ish things were replaced with:

more mature art….

updated chevron curtains…

And he even gave most of his stuffed animals to his brother!  We used to keep them piled in this basket.

Now we use it for books instead.

Here are some different angles of the new room:

He kept his old train print.  Having the extra colors helps break up all the gray and blue.  I may still change the navy lampshade to something lighter.  It is definitely a darker room now.

As you can see,  we still need to hang some artwork or a map above the dresser.  I think it will help tone down the darker blue.  I took out the little brass lamp and brought the brushed nickel one in from the old playroom.  I might change the shade though to something more decorative.

I may repaint the blue chair again.  The bright blue looks a little off in here.  We will also hang something above the desk…

Which he accessorized himself.

Of course he has this on top.

The Mets bear adds a little bit of orange to the room.

If the Empire State Building print seems a little high, it’s because we normally keep his keyboard below it.  He practices every night before bed.  He had started playing it downstairs this past week

so we weren’t even sure it was going back in the room.  I think having it there helps remind him to practice though.  Someone in this family should know how to play an instrument!

So, now the room is done, (well except some artwork,etc.).  I am happy for him but sad that he is growing up so fast.  It seems like just yesterday there was a crib in that room!

But he loves the new look and I was thrilled with his choices.  (Although I am still getting used to the darker color). Even though the room looks nothing like my original vision, I actually think it turned out better because he helped me pick things and it really is what he wanted.

And as I told you yesterday, he even loved the chevron curtains!

Finally, I am excited to share his room with you!

Here is a list of sources:

Gray/Navy quilt – Restoration Hardware

Navy and White Pillow Sham – Pottery Barn from a couple years ago (meant for my room)

Curtain Panels – Etsy store – Designer Pillow Shop

Empire State Building print – TJ Maxx/Homegoods

Paint – Amsterdam by Benjamin Moore

Furniture and Accessories that I reused:

Bed, Nightstand and Dresser – Ethan Allen

Desk and Navy Bookshelf – Pottery Barn

Blue Chair – Local furniture store.  (I repainted it last year)
Train print –

Click HERE to see the room updated with the new map!
A special thank you to Remodelaholic for the full feature on this bedroom makeover!

Have you made over any rooms with the help of your children?

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  1. Oh I think it is a fabulous big boy room. It looks wonderful and I so agree, perfect since he helped pick it all out. I love that. Hugs, Marty

  2. It looks great and I bet he is loving his new big boy room! I recently redid my son's room who is turning 13 in July. (can't believe it) It was definitely time since he had some baby prints on the wall too…lol. It has changed to a rock n roll theme now and he really likes it. So glad you joined the party! Kristen

  3. Bittersweet…love his new grownup room! It has fresh masculine look, the stripes are my favorite. Great artwork and, of course, his 'dog sign!' You're quite the team!

  4. They grow up so fast.. it makes me sniffle. I love that he/you kept the train print. It is a reminder that it is still a transition and your little boy isn't gone yet. I am dreading the day when they want Sports Illustrated Swimsuit calendars and rock posters. Then we know the little boy is really all grown up! For now keep holding on to the little man you have. I love the perfect balance you found! Nice job mom!

  5. I love how you updated this room, Shelley! There is something about the combination of those bold navy & white stripes and the chevron curtains that really float my boat. The colors in here are great for a growing boy! Thanks for sharing on B&A this month!

  6. I too just transitioned the boys into a more big-boy room. Sad to do it but I loved the new room. Yours looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  7. It turned out wonderfully!!! I love the colors and all of the care and thought you BOTH put into the room. I can't wait to do that with my boys…I think 🙂

  8. Oh they do grow up way to quickly. The room looks great and he should love it for a long time.

  9. Great job! My 8 year old wants flames on his walls. 🙁 Black walls with red flames.! Not going to

  10. Its adorable! I love the blue. My 9 y.o. wants "camo" walls… umm, no. They are so cute tho, aren't they? Just stay little a bit longer….

  11. Very, very cool! It's not often that I use the word "cool" on decor blogs, but it seems appropriate for your little (or not-so-little!) guy's room! I love it!

  12. And who says you can't create some "wow" in a boy's room! It looks great — I really like the blue with the other pops of color.CAS

  13. You did a great job, this room looks great. Chevron patterns always manage to add a classy & trendy look to any room. I read that you love the Caribbean, my hubby and I recently moved to Philadelphia from the Caribbean after living there for three years. We love being in the East Coast now, especially having all these beautiful seasons :)Abigail

  14. This is a great room Shelley. So much more his age, and I know he's so proud of it. Now, if he just keeps it in order, right? I had to let that one go with my kids in their teens but now I see they are responsible housekeepers on their own, what a surprise! Enjoy.xo

  15. Great room update! I love the patterns you used for the curtains and

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