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Easy Way to Decorate a Chandelier for Christmas

Are you looking for ways to make Christmas decorating less complicated?  Or maybe you are just looking for an easy way to decorate a chandelier for Christmas…

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Tips for Decorating a Chandelier for Christmas:

Fresh greenery on Christmas chandelier

Every year when I am decorating for Christmas, I like to add lots of greenery around the house.  We always put up a fresh Christmas tree and on the years I feel motivated, we add an artificial tree in our foyer.

For the past several years, I have decorated my kitchen chandelier with fresh greens.  Although I love the look, I don’t love the hassle of using fresh greens.

The hassle of using fresh greens on a Christmas chandelier:

  • Most of the time, fresh greens come attached with wire.  In order to make the greenery fit the chandelier properly, I usually end up removing some or all of the wire…not fun.
  • My hands always get covered with sap and it takes forever to wash off.
  • Fresh greens dry out quickly, especially sitting up there near hot light bulbs…fire hazard anyone?
  • Dry needles fall on the table.  Sure, I want my kids to eat more green vegetables…but not pine needles!

One year, I thought of using one long piece of faux garland instead of the fresh greens…  

Well, that idea ended up being a failure because the garland drooped in certain areas and blocked too much of the light over the table. 

This year, I found a better way to decorate a chandelier for Christmas…

Hopefully, you’ll find these tips helpful!

Here is my easy way to decorate a chandelier for Christmas with the look of fresh greens:

bunches of faux greens - Easy Way to Decorate a chandelier for Christmas

Purchase loose bunches of faux greenery from the craft store.

Recently, I picked up these two bunches from Michael’s Craft store.  They almost always have a sale going on and I happened to get mine at 50 percent off.  While I am in line, I always check their website for any coupons.  Usually, they have some kind of extra discount so it doesn’t hurt to check.

Cut ends of faux greens with wire cutters

Cut the bunches with wire cutters so you have several smaller bunches.

As you can see in the photo above, I also taped up the ends.  * Paranoid mom tip* – Sometimes when you cut the artificial branches,  some of the wire sticks out on the ends.  I didn’t want to cut myself or anyone else who might touch the ends of the greenery so I simply covered them with tape.

faux greenery on chandelier for christmas

Lay the branches on top of the chandelier and overlap the ends so the pieces look connected.

Depending on your type of chandelier, you may or may not have to use something to keep the pieces in place.  Luckily, I was able to tuck my greenery under each piece and wedge some under the parts of my chandelier.  (Even my taped-up ends are hidden!)

underside of chandelier with artificial greenery

The pieces stay in place and there is no drooping so the light doesn’t get blocked.

christmas chandelier with faux greens - easy way to decorate

With just a few simple steps, the chandelier is decorated for Christmas!

Now we don’t have to worry about all those falling needles in our food!  Plus, we can reuse the same greenery year after year!

Don’t you just love quick and easy solutions?

Like I mentioned, I purchased my artificial greenery at Michael’s Craft Store.  In case you can’t find any similar to mine, these pine sprays have a similiar look and you could always mix in these pine sprays with berries.

Here are some more greens to choose from:


What do you think…is this an easy way to decorate a chandelier?

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christmas chandelier decorating tips - The Easy Way to Decorate a Chandelier for Christmas


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  1. I watched your Instastory when you shared how you did this and the next day went to Michael’s and purchased identical greenery. My kitchen chandelier now looks festive thanks to you!!

    1. Really? That is so great, Paula! It’s funny, originally didn’t think I was being that helpful until I saw all the comments on my stories. Thanks Paula!

  2. We generally use faux as real dries out too fast, and I don’t need the pups eating it! I used new evergreen candle rings on my kitchen chandy and love how it turned out. Super simple.

  3. Hi Shelley,
    This is so pretty and perfect for your chandelier. Ours is a drum style so I might have to find another location for your decorating tip. 🙂

    1. Thanks Neena! Yes, I guess this technique wouldn’t work with all types of chandeliers…oh well. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Shelley, I’ve been buying that exact same greenery at Michael’s for the last few years. I love its simple versatility. Wire cutters sure come in handy!

  5. Thank you for sharing at our Christmas DIY ideas party!! Pinned. I’ll share on Facebook later this week! Please bring more of your beautiful Christmas ideas! The party’s open for ten days!

  6. Thank you so much! For several years now I’ve been drooling over the beautiful greenery everyone else (at least in the blogging world) seems to have each Christmas and can’t for the life of me make my own look as nice, so this is very helpful!

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