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Kitchen Countertop Coffee Station Ideas (for Festive Holiday Entertaining)

Hello friends! Welcome to the Saturday Spotlight, where each week, I like to highlight a different theme or topic to inspire you.  Since many of us will be hosting guests over the holidays, we want our homes to be as welcoming as possible.  Well, what’s more welcoming than offering a cup of coffee?  Today I’m sharing some kitchen countertop coffee station ideas to inspire you!

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Kitchen Countertop Coffee Station Ideas:

Entertaining at Home…

Kitchen countertop coffee station ideas

Holiday Entertaining – A Home Coffee Station:

To brew or not to brew…

Back in the day, I would attempt to brew a pot of coffee for guests.  Well…since I don’t drink coffee, I never was very good at preparing it with a standard coffee machine.  Let’s put it this way, no one was asking for a second cup!  (I know, all you die hard coffee lovers are probably cringing!)  Thankfully, Keurig coffee makers came along and I was saved from coffee making failure!  

Black Keurig machine with white coffee cups - kitchen countertop coffee station ideas

exact white mugsclassic Keurig machine

With my Keurig machine, here are some festive ways I’ve set up a coffee station in my kitchen…


Christmas Kitchen Countertop Coffee Station Ideas:

Festive coffee corner…

On the blog this week, I shared two winter tray decorating ideas.  One was on my kitchen island and one included a coffee station decorated for Christmas!..

Red and white Christmas coffee station on kitchen countertop

similar tiered traysilver reindeersimilar red mugsanother similar red mug

With limited counter space in this corner, I had to set up a small coffee station.  Luckily, I have just enough space to include the basic coffee essentials…with a cute tiered tray to make them pretty!  On the shelves, I included a bowl of coffee pods, and a sugar and creamer set along with the holiday decorations.  During the Christmas season, it’s also a great time to bring out the red coffee mugs!

Obviously, I enjoy decorating my coffee station with red during the holidays.  For instance, here is a photo of my coffee nook with a tiered tray dressed up for a previous Christmas kitchen.

Tiered tray with red Christmas decorations - kitchen countertop coffee station ideas

Once again, I mixed in all the coffee-making essentials with my holiday decor.  

Other places to set up a coffee station (besides a kitchen countertop):

  • Bar Cart – That way you can easily spike your coffee with a splash of liquor!  
  • Coffee Cart – If you don’t want to serve alcohol, use a bar cart but call it a coffee cart!
  • Living Room Console Table – Who says all the entertaining has to be done in the kitchen?
  • Dining Room Buffet Table or Sideboard – Make it convenient to prepare a cup of coffee right after dinner.
  • Kitchen Table – If you have a small kitchen, allow your coffee station to take center stage.  Then add some treats like scones or pastries and your guests will stay all day!

Items to Add to a Holiday Coffee Station:

To make your countertop coffee station more festive for the holidays, display your coffee pods in a pretty container.  

Coffee pods in basket with red checked liner - kitchen countertop coffee station ideas

Sure, a small tiered tray is great to hold coffee supplies for a few guests.  Though if you’re expecting more of a crowd, you’ll have to be ready with more coffee than that!  For the Christmas season, my basket with a red checked lining makes a festive container for a variety of coffee pods. 

*If you don’t have something similar for your coffee pods, line a plain basket with a pretty holiday napkin or just fill up a colorful bowl to match your decorating scheme.

Offer your guests candy canes to use as coffee mixers.  

Obviously, these would be great for hot chocolate as well!

Candy canes in glass mug with Santa figure - kitchen countertop coffee station ideas

Even if you’re just offering Keurig coffee to your guests, give your home the scent of fresh brewed coffee

Simply fill a glass hurricane with coffee beans, light a candle inside and place it near your countertop coffee station.  Sure, the scent isn’t as strong as real fresh brewed coffee, but it does smell good…and adds a bit of ambiance.

coffee cup and red napkin on wood serving tray - kitchen countertop coffee station ideas

More items to add to your kitchen countertop coffee station:

  • Chalkboard Sign – A cute welcome sign will invite guests to help themselves to a cup of coffee.
  • Directions Note – If you’re offering self serve coffee, leave a note explaining how to use the machine…just in case!
  • Napkins – Go with a holiday theme or buy some with funny sayings.
  • A Variety of Coffee Cups – Apparently, some coffee drinkers are picky about the size of their cups/mugs.
  • Christmas Decorations – If you have extra kitchen counter space, add some holiday cheer – like a maybe a coffee themed Santa or something… 

Shopping Finds:

Create Your Own Coffee Station…

For a basic Keurig coffee machine, this is the lastest model of the one I own.


For the serious coffee lover, this coffee machine does it all!


If you want to display your pretty coffee mugs, this mug rack is compact enough for even small spaces.


Or use a mixer to enhance your coffee with these flavored spoons!


For even more kitchen countertop coffee station ideas, here are some finds from around the internet:

Hopefully, I’ve inspired you with plenty of ways to create your own coffee bar for guests this holiday season!

Will you be setting up a coffee station for holiday guests?

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How to create a Christmas coffee station in your kitchen


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  1. I have those exact white mugs from C & B – love them! Your coffee bar looks very inviting – I’m sure your guests will appreciate it! I’ve got to remember your idea of coffee beans in a hurricane. Any way to smell coffee all day long works for me!

    1. Those mugs are the best – the perfect size, right? Thanks Amy! Yes, I love the smell of coffee too…even though I drink tea!

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