Why Have a Lily When You Can Have a Bromeliad?

I am sure we will be bringing lillies or tulips to my in laws for Easter Sunday Dinner.

But at home, I tend to keep things more tropical.


The coffee table in the living room needed some freshening up.Red bromeliad

So I picked up a bromeliad at Lowe’s the other day.

Spring Vignette

Coffee Table Stying

I wonder how long I will keep this thing alive…

Basket of shells

Why have a basket of eggs when you can have a basket of shells?

I am sure the Easter Bunny won’t mind!

Living Room

Don’t worry.

When my kids go running into this room on Sunday morning, there will be plenty of signs that the Easter Bunny was here!

Have a wonderful holiday everyone!  Have you bought any live plants lately?


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  1. That's really pretty. I've been thinking of getting one of Lowes' orchids. Like you say, though, don't know if I can keep it alive for long!

  2. Oh, pretty, I love Bromeliads, even I struggle to kill them! 🙂 Have a wonderful Easter! xo K

  3. I was just thinking that I might be choosing the lily because it's a whole lot easier to spell. LOL. Your Bromeliad is lovely. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  4. I am planning to add some house plants to my home next week! It will really be my first attempt, so hopefully I too can keep them alive! Love the bromeliad. It suits your home so well!

  5. I was looking at a Bromeliad at Wal-mart yesterday. I think they are so neat. Yours looks great on the coffee table.

  6. Your plant is gorgeous, but while looking at it I got a little sidetracked by your table and chairs. I love the texture combination of the formal caning in your coffee table with the informal weaving of the chairs next to it. It's a tropical feel that reminds me of colonial island life.

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