The Little Tree Dilemma

While many of you are giving beautiful house tours of your completely decorated homes, I am still deciding where I am going to put things!

I have always wanted two small trees for my front porch and I scored these 3 1/2 foot ones on Home Depot’s website on Black Friday.  They were regularly $69.98 for the two but I paid $41.73 with tax and free shipping.

They arrived yesterday and I was so excited to put them out this morning.

 I couldn’t wait to place them in the black urns I bought last spring!

 Unfortunately, I didn’t measure before purchasing and they don’t fit!!!


I tried them without the urns and they look cute

but the urns would give them more impact.

So sad.

So I am trying to figure out if I can make them fit somehow.

They do come apart…

But this piece doesn’t

 so I need to find a way to keep them standing straight.

Then I thought I would try to put them somewhere else…

But I think they look a little wimpy in here.

Where’s Charlie Brown when you need him?

But the trees became the least of my worries
when Rosie wouldn’t come in when I called her…

Apparently, she thought it would be fun
to chase some bunnies
into the muddy, sticker filled landscaping.
Just wonderful.

I have been trying to clean her up with some old towels.
I still haven’t pulled all of the stickers out of her fluffy tail!
It’s a good thing I love her so much!

So back to Christmas…
Any suggestions for my “little tree dilemma?

How’s your decorating coming along?


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  1. I love them by the front door, so pretty. How about elevating them on a couple of crates or boxes. Then you could put boots or something else beside them too.

  2. You could cement them inside the urns?? I used to have trees on my front porch and the wind kept blowing them over… so annoying. I put mine on the fireplace this year. I put cedar in my front porch planters and stuck balls on wires all around the greenery… It's fun changing things up year to year. I hope you figure out your trees and get them like you want them.

  3. Rosie is such a funny pup! She sure keeps you busy! Love the trees! Maybe you could add some sand to the urns then stick them in there and cover up the exposed area with ornaments or pine cones?!!

  4. Ah, Rosie, you are so lucky (as my dogs are!) to have a sweet and loving mom who painstakingly gets the stickers out of your tail! I like the little trees, urn or no urn. And I love your front door. It is just beautiful!

  5. Oh, Rosie is so cute! How can you get upset with that sweet face? I have a black lab too and he could do no wrong! As for the tree dilemma, maybe you can take it apart and place it in the urn. Put some stones in there to secure it and add some greenery and something decorative to cover it up.Good Luck!

  6. Hi Shelley, Thanks so much for the heads up about my "no reply" setting on my blog. I hope I fixed it, I'm not the most tech savvy!

  7. Get large styrofoam balls form Michaels that will fit snuggly int he urn and then plunge that wooden dowel right into it, that should hold steady and keep the trees upright! If not just hollar I will come over and help you!

  8. I agree with the sand or soil option and stick them into your urn, that way you can re-use the urns once holidays are done. :-)Good luck Shelley!

  9. Aww, that sweet girl, bunnies are just too tempting! I always use kitty litter to keep my trees stable. I love them on your porch!

  10. Even messy Rosie is such a cutie-pie!! What about adding a bag of gravel in the urns to hold the trees in place.

  11. I love Rosie! Love seeing her sweet face. I think the little trees are perfect to flank your front door. That same thing has happened to me too many times in regards to not measuring before ordering. I am sure you will make them work and they will look great.

  12. I really do like them on your porch the best. I've used several different things to make my small trees fit into various containers. Crushed gravel works very well, plus that makes them a bit heavy so they won't fall over if you have wind. I've tried styrofoam, but it doesn't seem as stable as the gravel or pea gravel — I'm sure you could get a small bag of that at Home Depot or Lowes. Good luck!

  13. I know how excited you must have been! They're lovely and a great deal! I hope you find a solution so that you can use them in the urns. I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,Kathy

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