Holiday Touches – Christmas Bathroom Decorating Ideas

If you’re like me, you’re in the middle of decorating your home for Christmas.  Since no room is off limits when it comes to Christmas decor, today I’m sharing some Christmas bathroom decorating ideas! 

After all, why not greet our guests with some holiday cheer in every room?!

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Christmas Bathroom Decorating Ideas:

No need to go overboard in a guest bathroom…just a few simple holiday touches!

In addition to our regular hand towels, I hung a couple Christmas themed towels.

To dress up the toilet a bit, I displayed some fresh greens, pinecones & an ornament.

A sparkly shell ornament keeps the coastal vibe I had going in there.

See that picture on the wall?

This one used to be there.  But it was time to say goodbye.

A few months ago, I bought the white beadboard frame.  After the holidays I plan on putting a nice photo in it.

But this holiday printout works fine for now.

Gotta love those free online printables!

Do you add holiday decor to your bathrooms?


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  1. Very pretty and elegant. I like little touches like that as opposed to a whole room being re-done in Christmas decor.Cheers,Tracy Screaming Sardine

  2. Love the little touches in the bathroom. I usually decorate the bathroom as well but didn't get that far this year. Thanks for linking!XOKristin

  3. Your guest bathroom looks so lovely! Sweet & simple ideas… and I love the picture!!warm winter wishes,Jutta

  4. Your bathroom looks very nice with the subtle hints of Christmas. Even at this late date, I think I will copy your toilet tank decoration. Everything looks pretty throughout your house. The bakers rack from the previous post is so festive and fun. Merry Christmas——–Shannon

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