8 Great Reasons Why Stay-at-Home Moms Should Volunteer at School

Seriously, as if you need another thing to do…  Well, like it or not, the new school year is here and you are about to get bombarded with requests to volunteer at school – if you haven’t already!  It can be so tempting to let someone else take on the work load.  I mean who really wants to get stuck doing these thankless jobs, anyway?

Well, instead of thinking about it that way, maybe we could look at school volunteering from a different perspective…

School Bus and why moms should volunteer at school

Here are some reasons why I think you should volunteer at school…

1.  You can set a good leadership example.

I remember when my oldest was starting kindergarten, he was very shy, so I made sure I volunteered for everything.  Sure, I must admit I did this partly because I wanted to see him at school but I also wanted to set an example.  Why not show him that if Mommy could get involved in things, he could also!

2.  You will make your kids proud.

They love to see their mom’s name on a poster, run into them at school or have all their friends know who you are.  These things always gave my kids a sense of belonging and made them feel like they really knew what was going on in their school.

3.  You know everyone.

This can be so helpful when you need a favor or just want to stay aware of things.  It’s surprising what you can hear behind the scenes…

4.  You will make new friends.

Since I’m a boy-mom, most of the moms I see regularly are also boy-moms.  That’s probably due to all the sports and play dates when the kids were little.  When I volunteered for a school event many years ago, my co-chair had two girls.  Our paths probably wouldn’t have crossed if we didn’t run the event together but because of it, we became great friends.  To this day, we still meet for lunch and get together.  Later, the same thing happened when I co-chaired a different event with someone else.  Once again, she became another great friend with whom I have shared many laughs and great times!

5.  You can use your creativity.

Yes, we all know that staying home with kids can turn your brain to mush at times!  So, why not put some of those brain cells back to work?  Sometimes you just need an extra push!  This past winter, my son’s class mom was looking for help at the winter party.  I figured I would swing by, help pass out a few craft supplies and be done.  Well, it turns out, they needed someone to run all the games, and did I mention, I had two days to come up with ideas?  Luckily, the whole thing ended up being fun for them – and for me!  Afterward, I even wrote a blog post,  3 Fun and Easy Games for a Winter Themed Party which ended up being a popular post.  A win for everyone! lol…

School Parties - and why you should volunteer at school

6.  You can add it to your resume.

If you plan on working outside the home after your kids get older, it doesn’t hurt to have a list of volunteering jobs to add to your resume!

7.  You are taking the load off the parents who just can’t get there.

Many of my friends who work outside the home wish they could get more involved and many of them still do.  It’s nice to know so many stay-at-home-moms are there to take care of things when others can’t.

8.  You don’t have forever!

Before you know it, your kids aren’t going to need you anymore.  Sad but true. My kids are both in middle school now (what?!!)  In many school districts, there aren’t as many opportunities to get involved at that stage.  Believe me, it goes SO fast!  As my kids get older, I’m glad I won’t be saying, “I should have gotten more involved when they were little!”…because I did!

Kids grow up way too fast - Why you should volunteer at school

Can you think of any other reasons why stay-at-home moms should volunteer at school?


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8 Reasons why stay at home moms should volunteer at school


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  1. Amen to all of these! I volunteered so many hours at my kids schools for every reason you named. Also, because I'm a teacher, when it was time to go back to work it was very helpful that I knew everyone.

  2. Great post, Shelley. Volunteers enrich schools in so many ways, as well as the volunteer. I volunteered at my daughters' schools for years, so I know firsthand that all your reasons are valid. Here's one more: I was so taken with volunteering in the school room that, at age 40 when my youngest started kindergarten, I went back to college and became a teacher myself! I taught for years and am now retired. The unexpected can happen when you volunteer at your kid's school. You just never know!

    1. Thanks, Laurel, and what a great story! True, the unexpected can happen when you open yourself up to new opportunities. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I couldn't agree more. Our children's private schools are always in need of volunteers: weekly helpers in the library or classroom, chaperones for field trips, fundraising chairs, committee organizers, and room moms. Although our family does without some of the amenities of dual-income households so I can be a SAHM, I am grateful for the privilege of having that choice. I recently stopped substitute teaching and blogging so that I can devote more hours to volunteering while our children are still young. I find it incredibly rewarding and enjoyable, and I know I'm filling a need that would otherwise go unmet. Thank you for writing a post on this often overlooked topic. Have a great school year!

  4. Hi Shelley…I used to LOVE helping out at my children's schools – I miss it! Hope you had a good summer…I am finally back to the blogging world!! xoxo

  5. Great post Shelley. I will never regret all the time I spent at my kids' schools; I love that you get to know the kids your child is with every day, especially helpful as they all get older!

  6. Great reasons! I volunteer at my kids’ school all the time…. every day…. allllll day…. since I home school. Yes, I figure that I am considerably slowing down those years that race by. : )

    Liberty @ B4andAfters.com

  7. I volunteered for over 10 plus years at my girls’ schools over the years and never even thought to add it to a resume!
    I loved doing it and my college-age daughter still talks to me about kids I knew through only via volunteering.

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