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Colorful and Festive Christmas Table

After adding some color to the mantel in my family room the other day, the kitchen felt like it needed some!  By simply gathering up a few of my red accessories,  I created a festive Christmas table setting…

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Welcome to my colorful and festive Christmas table…

Colorful and Festive Christmas Table in the Kitchen

As we all know, there are so many fun seasonal things to use this time of year!

For instance, a hurricane filled with fresh cranberries makes a quick and easy centerpiece.  Sit the whole thing in a wreath and you are set.  Also, I like to use unscented candles on my table.  Even though I love holiday scented candles around my house, the unscented ones are better around food.

Glass hurricane filled with cranberries for a colorful and festive Christmas table


Snowman Place Setting on Christmas Table

Adding holiday salad plates on top of simple white plates makes the table instantly festive! 

These snowman plates have been a part of my collection for a couple years.  I think I bought them at Wegman’s Supermarket.  It’s much less expensive to purchase a bunch of salad sized plates than the larger ones too.  Not only do they add that festive touch buy they great to layer over the plain white plates.

Red Christmas Table

It doesn’t have to be expensive to be festive and fun.

Look closely and you will see that I even cut up some wrapping paper to make some quick place mats.

In addition to these “place mats”, I have used wrapping paper in several other ways to decorate for Christmas.  Why spend extra money when you don’t have to, right?

Christmas Table in White Kitchen with mini wreaths

Red accessories really stand out in a white kitchen.

An inexpensive plaid runner adds more color on the table.  As you can see in the background, I hung mini wreaths on the top glass doors on my cabinets using red ribbon.

Christmas Place Settings Using Wrapping Paper Place Mats

More mini wreaths with candles complete the center of the table.

Red Table Setting in White Kitchen

We can’t forget about what hangs over the table…

Fresh Pine Greens for Christmas on Chandlier

Fresh greens always look pretty and festive on a chandelier.

This year, I searched for some pretty faux greens to see if I could duplicate the look.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any faux ones that I was happy with…so I went with fresh again.  I hope they last a few more weeks!  If you have found any nice looking faux greens that you recommend, please leave me the info in the comment section!  *Update:  See how I decorated the chandelier with faux greens.

Snowman Place Setting

I left the table setting for last night’s dinner but I might recreate it again for Christmas morning.  It’s nice and casual for breakfast and very kid-friendly.

Festive Christmas Table Place Setting

Christmas Morning Table Setting Idea

My boys actually love it when the table is all set for Christmas breakfast.

Christmas Table Set in Red

 And you can’t go wrong with red at Christmas!

Fresh Greens on Chandelier overlooking family room

From the table, this is the view into my family room where you can see my latest mantel decor.

Open Concept Kitchen to Family Room at Christmas

Festive Lantern with Red Checked Bow

From the console table, you can look back into the kitchen.

Mini Wreaths on Glass Kitchen Cabinets

 Here is a close up of the wreaths I mentioned.

Nutcrackers in Kitchen for Christmas

Continuing with touches of red, I placed a few nutcrackers on the shelf over the fridge…

Christmas Vignette on Kitchen Counter

To repeat the snowman theme from the table, I included another snowman in a simple corner vignette.  The snowman plate is always a big hit when it’s stacked up with Christmas cookies.  My neighbor has a cookie exchange party every year and I always bring the snowman along.

Festive Christmas Kitchen Table

Thanks for stopping by to see my festive Christmas table and decorated kitchen!

If you are looking for more Christmas Table inspiration, I did a Simple Christmas Breakfast Table Setting that you might want to check out.

At this point, I’m still working on a few things…and in a couple days we’ll pick up our live tree!

Festive Christmas Table Sources:

Are you decorating your table for Christmas this year?

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Festive Christmas Table and decorating ideas for the kitchen



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  1. The red looks so cute in your white kitchen Shelley – love how festive it is! And I'm dying over the mini boxwood wreaths!! LOVE them – so glad you sourced them, too!Merry Christmas!Sheilaxo

  2. What a fun and festive kitchen table and kitchen! So cute, those snowmen. I think I am done decorating, but the next visit to the thrift store could change that, LOL!!

  3. Love the fun snowman plates and the red looks like Christmas to me. Perfect and so pretty. I adore your kitchen as you know.

  4. I love the simplicity of your kitchen and table! And red. Love red. Question: how do you attach the wreaths to the cabinet doors? Any kind of special hook or holder? Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you! I actually use small Command hooks on the back of the doors. I hang them upside down and cut a small hole in the ribbon to attach it. I will show it in the next post so you can see what I mean. I leave the hooks up all year so I don't have to redo them. Hope that helps!

  5. Oh, your home looks so festive and warm dressed up for the holidays. I love the light streaming through all your big windows, too. Your entire blog is looking fantastic, Shelley. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. I LOVE all of your decorating choice…for ALL seasons! And I really love your kitchen table and chairs! I know from your previous posts that you have had it for a while, but it is exactly the style I am searching for my kitchen! Can you share the name of the manufacturer, and the name of the collection?Thanks and Happy Holidays!!

    1. Thank you so much, Rella! I have had the table and chairs for around 19 years. They are from a company called Canadel and they are made of Birch. I just looked on the website and it looks like the "boat shaped leg" table is similar. I don't see the chairs on there, though. I almost bought another table and chairs a couple weeks ago and then panicked and cancelled the order. Overall, I have been really happy with this set. It's taken a beating with two kids and a puppy chewing on the legs plus the constant use. Even with that, it has held up well. I just keep feeling like a need a change, especially since the shade of stain is so different from my island. I hope that helps! Have a Happy Holiday!Shelley

  7. Oh such beautiful, table, kitchen and all your vignettes here and there. Your boys and anyone will love sharing delicious food at your kitchen.
    Merry Christmas season.

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