How to Hide Clutter on Shelves Behind Glass Cabinets

Are you looking for ideas on how to hide clutter during the holiday season?

If you are like me, once you start pulling out the Christmas decor, your whole house seems to get messy.  It’s almost as if my family notices all the extra “stuff” all over and feels it gives them a license to be sloppy.   One thing leads to another and before we know it, all the organization has gone out the window.

And speaking of windows…

Take for instance, my entertainment center in the family room.  This is what a few days of the “throw-it-anywhere-free-for-all” can do to the shelves.

Unfortunately, when you have glass doors, you can still see the mess behind them!  

Glass TV Cabinets - Solution to hide the mess

By the way, this is an old picture.  Surprisingly, the mess is worse this year!

Here is my solution on how to hide clutter behind glass cabinet doors:

For a quick and inexpensive fix, I simply covered the glass doors with wrapping paper!

Since I was already using some red and black in the family room this Christmas, I took some checkered wrapping paper and taped it to the back of the glass.

Ways to Decorate with Wrapping Paper

For the past few years, I have been using this “hiding technique” at Christmas.  With all the holiday craziness, having a place to hide clutter helps me relax a bit.  Anyway, who has time to organize those piles of DVDs and other various garbage that gets tossed in there?  Not me!

Red and Black Buffalo Check Wrapping Paper

Here is a “finished” door.  Sorry about the sun glare.  You might notice the fireplace reflection in the TV…I had just started decorating in there so the mantel may change once some creativity kicks in.

Last year, I went a little more neutral with the paper…but it’s all the same idea.

Plaid Wrapping Paper - a quick solution to hide clutter

Using tan and black made the greenery stand out more on this one.

Hiding Clutter at Christmas Time Using Wrapping Paper

And before I started using wrapping paper, I hung burlap to disguise the mess behind the glass doors…

Creative Use to Hide Clutter Using Burlap
If you want to the details from that year, read – Burlap in the Window.

In my opinion, the burlap looked the most natural and rustic but the wrapping paper is much easier to tape!

3 Looks for Cabinet Doors Using Wrapping Paper

Which one is your favorite look for the doors?

Hopefully, you liked my creative options on how to hide clutter in your home!  After all, I am sure you have plenty of wrapping paper laying around.

Besides covering glass doors, here are more ways to decorate with wrapping paper.  (Covering glass doors are included in that post along with 2 other ideas that might interest you.)

Do you have any tips to hide clutter during the holidays?

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  1. Great idea!! I thought I would pick the burlap as my favorite but when I see them side by side I love the way they all look!

  2. I am getting ready for the mess of Xmas decorating this weekend-I like all three but the red one looks best to me

  3. Shelley, that is the greatest idea. Ever! I often need to hide the mess behind my glass cabinet doors. Thank you!

  4. Great idea! The same illness struck my house yesterday. The extra "stuff" makes me feel a little claustrophobic sometimes. I even left some of my decorations in boxes because I wanted to breathe.

  5. What a clever way to hide your mess. I'd probably go for the easiest to put up and take down so I guess that means the paper is your best choice.🎄

  6. I Like them all but the burlap I think is my favorite sure go for the easiest way since they all look great, I bet lace would look great also LOL

  7. Thank you for sharing your great idea! Sooooo much better looking than the usual window film!! Perfect solution to pretty wood wardrobe I have with clear glass doors.

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