Weekend Pupdate #51

We woke up to snow this morning.

Needless to say, Rosie had to get out there and play.

With a nose full of snow, 

I thought she was ready to come back in.

Then she took off with the towel

I was about to wipe her off with.

(She was quite pleased with herself – you can tell by the wagging tail.)

 Come get me!

It’s not fun unless someone is chasing you!

 Speaking of chasing,

earlier in the week, she spent some time chasing 

the leaves blowing in the wind.

As you can tell by her muddy underside, 

the temperatures were warm for a few days.

 But it was very windy!

Perfect for chasing anything that may fly by!

How was your weather this week?

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  1. Love that first picture! Two of Rio's favorite things ~ playing in the snow and stealing anything left in the yard!

  2. I love watching Rosie! She is precious! I am painting pets and just finished one of my puppy. Labs are the sweetest.

  3. I love your updates. We just adopted a puppy last month and she is very much like Rosie. I have never had a pet that loves the outdoors as much as Abby. My only concern is she likes to dig in the back yard. I swear we could plant trees in some of those holes. I guess she will outgrow this when she out grows puppy hood. Keep the updates coming. Love them Rosie is just so sweet. Oh Abby is part lab part beagle.

  4. We have quite a bit of snow. It gets stuck in Alfie's furry paws, but he still enjoys traipsing through it.

  5. We had the most beautiful warm 60 degree weather today – tomorrow is suppose to be even warmer – certainly unseasonable for NC this time of year. Happy to be your newest follower!

  6. Today we had 60 degree weather which was great and tomorrow supposed to hit 65.. Loving it.. Was very very windy here last week though.. I have to say I can not get enough of Rosie! She's so adorable and so full of puppy playfullness! She's at a great age.. Enjoy it! 🙂 Robyn

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