Eat, Laugh, Shop…

If you are a fan of Elizabeth Gilbert’s famous book,

Eat Pray Love,

you will be amused to read
where I spent the day yesterday…

In her store…

 Two Buttons!

Two Buttons is located in the quaint river town

 of Frenchtown, NJ.

Elizabeth Gilbert lives nearby

and opened the store with her husband a few years ago.

They sell treasures from all over the world

in their large warehouse.

There was so much to take in while browsing around.

Don’t you love all these colorful knobs?

Basically there is nothing you “need” there

but you could spend hours examining all the unique objects.

The store is like Pier One on steroids!

I didn’t take too many pictures on my iphone

but as you can see there were buddas all over

as well as trinkets in every price range.

(I bought a cute bracelet for $15.00)

Be sure to head over to their website to see more.

They just added an online store too.

My friend and I could have shopped in the store for hours 

but we had already spent most of our time

 in the amazing restaurant next door –

The Lovin Oven.

I seriously LOVED the food in that place!

 They use fresh, local ingredients 

and the very healthy menu included many vegan options.

(Not that I am a vegan, but I attempt it every now and then!)

We spent our leisurely lunch

catching up and laughing hysterically like we do

every time we get together.

We plan to go back to both places when we have more time but

I had to dash home to get the kids off the bus.

It was the perfect day to 

Eat, Laugh, Shop!

Have you been to any unique stores lately?

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  1. I like how you said there is nothing we NEED. I live in a small house so I always ask myself if I NEED it. Usually I don't, but sometimes I just WANT something special.I loved all the knobs. I just decided that I should switch knobs like I do pillows and flowers in my house. There are so many great knobs out there.

  2. Thanks for sharing! We are actually headed to New Hope/Lambertville for our anniversary in April, so I may have to take a trip up there!Shopping + Lunch = Perfect Day!

    1. You know I love that area too! Check out Hamilton's Grille and have a drink at The Boat House when you are in Lambertville!

  3. I loved that book and movie! I had no idea she had a store. It looks like stimulation overload, but my kind of afternoon! Glad you had a girls day out and a's so rejuvenating, isn't it? Thanks for stopping by- say hi to Rosie, and have a great week.xo

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