Blizzard 2013

Well, it wasn’t much of a “blizzard” for this part of New Jersey.

But just enough snow to be pretty.

This is the scene I woke up to this morning.

Overall, we received about 6 inches.

Nothing compared to what New England was slammed with!

It is very windy though,

so the snow is already blowing off the trees.

But a certain dog sure is enjoying it!

I had the hardest time getting this lunatic back in.

She is already waiting by the door to go out again!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow’s Weekend Pupdate

to see what crazy situation she got herself into this week.

Oh Rosie!

Was your area hit by this storm?

If so, how many inches did you get?

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

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  1. What a difference a few miles makes. We go 12" and my dog is loving it, too. Now hes's napping from all that fun.

  2. Rosie is so adorable! These dogs love the cold, don't they?Gibbs would stay out all day no matter the weather. Enjoy your indoor time, and stay safe and warm1xo

  3. What a beautiful scene! I love snow and 6 inches is such a manageable amount. LOVE your window. What a pretty view you have… snow or no snow!My pup love the snow too! They are like kids!

  4. I enjoy seeing the snow! It looks so very pretty. Rosie is such a funny dog! Wouldn't you think she would get cold? lol!

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