New Jersey Doesn’t Fool Around

In New Jersey, when we get a storm, we get a storm!

I think the forecasters originally predicted 12-18 inches from Snowstorm Jonas but we ended up with around 27 inches in our area!  How insane is that?  Up until this storm, we have only had a couple dustings of snow this winter.  I guess we made up for it!  As you can see, Rosie couldn’t wait to get out there and play first thing Sunday morning.

She was also out there during the blizzard on Saturday…

That crazy golden refused to come in no matter how hard it snowed.  We ended up dragging her inside after she wouldn’t listen.

We borrowed the neighbor’s snow blower to make some paths during the day and she was out again for more fun…

The mail never came that day though…sorry Rosie.

The next morning we woke up to sunny skies and snow everywhere…

My husband and son finished clearing with shovels where they had left off with the snow blower.  They definitely had their workout for the day!

And of course, Rosie was out there as soon as the plows cleared our driveway.

Luckily, Rosie has a pal who loves the snow as much as she does!

I know you probably have seen a ton of snow pictures the past day or so which is why I didn’t go too crazy with the pictures.  Plus, I didn’t take that many.  I have been too busy taking the boys sledding and to friends’ houses.  We ended up having a day off from school today so it was fun, fun, fun for everyone.  I’m exhausted.

Did you get any snow from this storm where you live?


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  1. Oh, my Rosie is fearless. She is so pretty in the snow. That is unreal how much snow you got!

  2. Wowza! You guys really got hit! I can relate after spending the winter in Mass. last year. My two dogs love the snow too. Stay warm and have a wonderful week.

  3. Pretty crazy storm. We had 14 inches here in the mountains of Virginia…. I think people north of us had quite a bit more. Our pups like the snow too….. the male boxer acts like a snow plow. LOL

  4. Rosie is just so precious! How adorable of her playing in the snow! We got 27 inches as well on Long Island. My dog's just a little too small to go out in such a deep snow.

  5. How cute that Rosie did not want to listen….I know that feeling. Ha! You all in NJ really topped the snow charts! Wow…2 feet. Does Rosie like to snow doze? Mikey would tilt his head sideways and plow through the snow. So funny to watch. Sheila

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