The Henry Danger Inspired Halloween Costume

Like many kids, my boys just love the popular Nickelodeon show, Henry Danger.  While planning this year’s Halloween costume, my younger son decided he wanted to dress as Henry Danger (aka Kid Danger).  Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any Henry Danger costumes in Party City or any of the costume stores.  Why should I let that stop me?… We just created our own DIY Henry Danger costume!

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When you can’t find the costume you want, you just have to make your own!

So, I whipped out my sewing machine…ha ha ha…yeah, like that would happen.  I can’t sew to save my life.

Let me start again…I hopped in my car and drove to the store to see what I could find.  Fortunately, I stumbled upon a red superhero-type mask in Walmart.  Sure, the mask wasn’t exactly like Kid Danger’s mask, but was close enough.

After rummaging through the store a bit more, I discovered a long sleeve blue shirt in the exact “Kid Danger blue” color I needed.  Then I spotted some simple red gloves…score!  Luckily, my vision for the Henry Danger costume was coming together but I still needed a vest to complete the look…

DIY Henry Danger Costume (aka Kid Danger)

Red, blue and Silver superhero costume - DIY Henry Danger Costume


When you don’t want to spend a lot for Halloween, you need to get creative. 

Originally, the silver vest above was red.  I found it at the Oshkosh outlet for $7.00!

Shopping for DIY Kid Danger Halloween Costume Vest

You can’t get much cheaper than that!  Now how did I turn the red vest into that silver masterpiece in the first picture?…

Duck Tape for Costume - It's always better to make your own Halloween costume!

Duct Tape to the rescue!

After rummaging through my duct tape supply, (left over from one of our cardboard boat races),  I realized I didn’t have any more silver.  Back to the store I went to pick up a roll.  From there, I proceeded to cover the puffer vest with the tape while leaving some of the red showing. 

To add more detail, I drew some black lines with a Sharpie, taped on a Henry Danger logo from the internet and I was done with the vest.  With the addition of a pair of red pants and some Kid Danger boots, we were set for Halloween!

Here is what Henry Danger (aka Kid Danger) looks like if you are not familiar with the show.


And here is our version of the DIY Henry Danger costume…

DIY Henry Danger Halloween Costume - Easy instructions to make your own!

Watch out Henry Danger, there’s a new “kid” in town!

Our DIY Henry Danger costume was easy, cheap and did not involve any sewing!

No-Sew DIY Henry Danger - Kid Danger Inspired Halloween Costume

If you would like to make your own Henry Danger (aka Kid Danger) Inspired Halloween Costume, here is a helpful list of sources:

*2022 Update – If you don’t have time to make your own Henry Danger – Kid Danger costume, now you can buy one!

If you and the dog plan on going trick or treating with your kids, here are some more fun Halloween costume ideas!

Now, you have some ideas for the next time you or your kids ask, “What should I dress up as for Halloween?”

Will your kids be wearing a DIY Henry Danger Costume this Halloween?

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  1. shelly- that is amazing. my kids like Henry Danger too. I hope ya'll have a fun night. My boys weren't too interested in dressing up this year , juts lily.

  2. Great job, Shelley. My boys really must be getting old because I haven't heard of Henry Danger. Have a fun Halloween!

  3. That looks amazing – can't believe you found the vest and what a transformation – love! We have an Avenger at our house. Happy weekend!!

  4. Amazing work Shelley! I DIYed this year too, but not my costume, just the my son's and my husbands! Will hopefully share it next week! I'm your son is psyched about his cool costume! Happy Halloween!

  5. WOW, how creative you are, Shelley! That is one fantastic costume! Sometimes I know what costumes to expect on Halloween, because I've heard all about certain characters from the grands. This year I have no clue, so I'm looking forward to seeing who's strolling our neighborhood streets, other than the usual "Princesses" and "Zombies!"

  6. hello friend Might make a serious costume for my son likes Henry Danger'll buy at any price Please

  7. Great job here. I love a great semi homemade costume.Thanks for linking them up at the Halloween Blog Hop! Pinned! Kim

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