Not only are we preparing for trick or treaters around here, but we are preparing for another Halloween storm!

Hopefully, this is what the trick or treaters will be seeing next week…

Yes, my mom had the kids over to carve pumpkins the other day.

My older, more serious son went with the traditional Jack-O-Lantern.

While my not-so-serious younger son went for the “Mario” stenciled style.  This one took Mimi (my mom) much longer that she had anticipated!

The boys also added some more decorating of their own.

They received those skeleton window decals at a recent party.

Here is a view from the inside.  Yes, the “blood” decals are a lovely touch…boys!

The kids had so much fun helping me decorate this year.  I know it was a bit early to carve pumpkins so I hope they don’t rot before Halloween!  But more importantly, I hope we don’t get hit with “Sandy” the hurricane heading toward the northeast!  Last year, we lost power for a couple days and didn’t even get to carve pumpkins.  No wonder the boys were so excited to carve them this year.

Remember last year’s crazy storm?!!

Since then, we bought a generator so we are ready to go if necessary!  Let’s just hope we don’t have to use it!  According to the recent weather reports, the storm is headed straight towards us!  Just great…

Is the storm heading towards your area?


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  1. Hope it passes right over you and stays out at sea, Shelley! We lost power and the kids were out of school for days on end last year – I am not looking for a re-enactment of that! Fingers crossed!

  2. We are on the west side of Florida, so no worries for us on this hurricane. Fingers crossed that the storm they are expecting will not actually materialize. Love the pumpkins…mine last several days indoors and when it's cold outside, they keep really well. I love to light them up at night and especially love the smoky pumpkin scent.

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