The Shark Boat

As I mentioned in yesterday’s Weekend Pupdate, the kids and I built a boat this weekend.

But not just any boat…a shark boat!

We signed up to race in a cardboard boat race at our pool and spent part of Saturday and all day Sunday putting it together.

At first, we really didn’t have much of a plan.  We had a large Pottery Barn box from my son’s recent desk delivery.

On Saturday we removed the staples from the corners (staples were not allowed in the race) and we taped up the bottom.  Our first plan was to make a train, then we decided to make a rowboat, then we thought a shark would be the best idea.  (We are a real decisive family!)

As you can see here, we already cut the boat to make a rowboat so we had to add the fins on.

The front part was an add on too.

We spent all day Sunday taping and taping…

We could use duct tape or clear packing tape.  We used both – and lots of it, especially on the bottom!

While I taped, my son started coloring in the mouth with a Sharpie.

We weren’t happy with the results so we found some electrical tape in the garage  and made the mouth with that.

Already, it was starting to look better.

I cut some mailing labels for the teeth.

And my son added them on.

Both kids enjoyed adding the “blood”to the teeth!

And after many hours, we were done! (Yes, that’s my 6 year old back there, still in his pajamas at 3:00 p.m.!)

Then it was time to load the shark in the car for the big race!

The question was…”Will this thing float?”

I had my doubts and my husband was sure it would sink!

In fact some of the boats did sink…or flip!

But we didn’t let that scare us!  We could only race two boats at a time, (because there weren’t enough paddles or life vests) and almost right away our competition flipped over.

So at that point, we were just trying to get a good time on the stopwatch.

We were laughing hysterically as we paddled along.

Near the end, I was starting to get wet but we made it across the pool!

Which is more I can say for one of the other boats!

I guess we shouldn’t have listened to my husband when we named our boat!  Now of course my kids won’t let me throw this thing out.
Where am I going to put a huge cardboard shark?!!

Anyway, it was a memorable evening and a fun way to end the weekend!  These summer days sure are dwindling down!

Did you do any “boating” this weekend?


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  1. That is so cute! I bet your kids will remember it forever! What a dedicated mom you are to spend all day making it and then even risk capsizing to compete!

  2. What a funny and lovely post! And a weekend full of fun with your kids… That's great! Have a wonderful weekJutta

  3. That is so awesome Shelley!!! How fun – I think I need to talk our pool into an event like this! You and the kids are so creative!!

  4. I was just out looking at some of the sites that my newest follower, follows and I came across your delightful blog. I am so excited to met you and have been enjoying reading your posts and laughing at you cardboard boat. I love seeing a Mom that loves having fun with her family. Even the dog in his hidey-hole. Sofa cushions on the floor, riding the high-seas with your son in a make-shift boat . . . you are making memories that will become golden treasures that will forever be held in his heart. What a good Mom, you are!Please come over and check my blog out. I would love to have you follow. Have a marvelous weekend. From one creative gal to another . . . your newest follower #190 . . .Connie 🙂

  5. Hi Shelly, thanks for stopping in and for your lovely comment. I am excited that you are now following me . . . I just know that we will become great blogging friends. When I took these photos I set them up at floor level, so my little Butchy had to investigate, he looked so cute that I could not resist taking his picture. He helps me in so many ways around the house, but mostly he keeps my kitchen floor crumb free, LOL. Have a wonderful weekend, Connie 🙂

  6. Oh that was absolutely adorable and you looked like you were having so much fun I could almost hear the laughter through the photos! What a fun day! Robyn

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