The Christmas House Tour that Never Happened

After dragging out the Christmas bins, I scrolled through some old blog posts to remind myself where to put a few things.

Well, what a surprise I had when I looked for last year’s Christmas tour…I never gave you one!  In fact, I didn’t even take that many pictures last Christmas.  I have no idea what I could have been doing.  We must have gone skiing too much or something last year.

Anyway, here are a few shots from around the house…in 2014…

Red Christmas decorations on coffee table


This was the coffee table vignette in my living room.

Christmas Tree at Night

And our colorful and out of focus tree.

Living Room Christmas Tour

This is what the whole room looked like.

Christmas Vignette

And another shot of the vignette.

Christmas Lights

These were my stairs with lights and garland.

Stop back to see a whole new look for this year!

Outdoor Lights for Christmas

A peak outside to one of the trees on the porch.

Decorating with Santa

And Santa in the game room.

Christmas Breakfast Table

This was our table for Christmas Breakfast, (and it actually made it on the blog in 2014.)  You can see the details here –  Christmas Breakfast Table

Decorating with Wrapping Paper

And for the third year,

I covered my entertainment center doors with wrapping paper.

(Another lucky post that made it on in 2014.)

You can see more here- Three Looks for the Glass Doors

Christmas Mantel

And here was my boring mantel with bad lighting.
I say ‘boring’ because I think it was a repeat from a previous year.
You can see more mantels here…

Christmas Mantels of the Past

This year we have a new stone fireplace

so it will look completely different!

Pottery Barn Merry Christmas Pillow

And last year I bought this Pottery Barn pillow
which I am sure you have seen on many blogs.
I still love it and just pulled it out again for this year.

Well, that wraps up my 2014 tour.

I promise not to wait that long
for my 2015 Christmas Tour!
And I promise to take more pictures this year!

Are you finished decorating yet?


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  1. Haha Shelley, that is pretty funny! Well, I've enjoyed this tour, can't wait to see how you do it differently this year! For me, having not been a blogger last year, I have no photos of Christmas decor of any kind. In fact, I was looking through photos to see if I could find anything old, from ANY year, for both a blog post and for IG tags for "Christmas past" and apparently, I never photographed my decor….ever! Well, hopefully I will be all finished by next week when my holiday home tour goes live! And I will have photos from now on:)Sheilawww.maisondecinq.blogspot.com

  2. How funny! Sounds like something I could do…forget. I love your black checked tablecloth. I have a similar one and I happen to be using reds and blacks around my house this year so I do believe I will pull out my checked cloth too. Thanks for the inspiration! I hope you drop by my house. Sheila

  3. Your title is one I should have used. I actually posted and joined tours, but that very night my server went crazy and it finally came back to normal three days later. By then, everyone looked at every other tour except mine cause no one could get to me. And on top of that, I also didn't take photos last year or do any postings. What gives? Anyways, I enjoyed your tour and and love your tree. Have a Merry Christmas, Shelley!

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